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Amber Michelle

Wearing a Corset as a Back Brace (and other gimmicks)

A password snafu prevented my last two entries from cross-posting to LJ, which is why you're getting an unlocked entry. Don't worry, you didn't miss much. Life hasn't been kind the last--(checks post dates)--two years. Since I'm posting this in the middle of a pandemic, I think we can all agree that there's no need to elaborate, because Covid-19 has made everything shitty for everyone. I hope you're all safe.

The corset thing isn't actually a gimmick. I've flirted with the idea of trying out a support garment like this for years, because one look at the back braces on the market made me think "these are basically the same thing, only with shittier material. Also, they're ugly." I figured that, if you don't tighten it to the point of pain, and instead just wear it at your regular body measurement as support, it's just a gentle pressure that feels a little like a hug. Which turned out to be right. I do not have trouble breathing and do not feel any pain, because: common sense.

10/10, will keep wearing this. Not only does my back stop hurting, but my shoulders do too, because 1) it strongly encourages good posture, 2) it gives me some well-distributed chest support, and 3) that slight compression feels really good.

Also? To paraphrase something my husband said, "Your hobbies are way better-looking than mine."

That said, back braces are waaaaaaaaaaay more affordable, so I can't recommend this option to everyone. Or... even most people. But I've wanted one for ages, and I just couldn't afford the cost of buying, nor did I have the skill to make my own. I wonder if the options for patterns and the material resources we have now would've been available ten years ago, anyway. But today? Things have changed. Now I can afford to buy nice things, although I will admit, this one was pretty high on the "affordability" scale, and I had to think carefully about it.

Maybe now I'll get off my ass and make that bustle dress. If I haven't talked about that here, that's because... uhhh. Well, I just don't talk much about things here anymore.

No offense to anyone, but... please spare me hysterics about how terrible corsets are. I did my research. I put in the time to find one that fits, and to get accustomed to it. People wore things like this for centuries before the modern bra was made, and the human race survived. I personally think skirt hoops are way more likely to get you killed, but that's just me...

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