Amber Michelle (myaru) wrote,
Amber Michelle

Projects are nice. I like them.

Things to Decide:
  1. Should I post once a week?**
    (For the sake of discipline, keeping ideas moving, etc. It's easy to fall into a rut.)
    • If yes, see list #2.

    • If no, what can I do to engage with people not in my head?
      (Which, for the record, is not something I'm good at. See: how I fail at characterization.)

    • If yes, still wondering if I should continue the "100 Things" tagging or just retag as "pretentious writing posts."
      (Don't get me wrong; I could write 100 posts about writing, but the question is whether I should.)

  2. Big projects: good idea, Y/N? Blog, or resource, or hahahahaha updating the rest of Guardian Angels (but I like the misleading update text. It makes me laugh)?

** Edit 05.21.2018: more like post once a month. How the fuck is it almost June?

God, nesting lists is ugly.

Things I Could Do:
  • What about that Heian-era-for-writers resource thing. Some kind of resource probably already exists, but it would be fun.
    (Also, it would make me read books. And Scrivener is actually a great tool for world-building documents...)

  • Replay and blog... Xenosaga. Or some other game, but I feel a nagging guilt for the way I talked about it back in the day.

  • Actually move down my Steam list and play/blog new games.

  • Be a good student and do some marketing research, e.g. analyze Starbucks internal marketing vs. external, the disaster of the Villainess relaunch, etc. This would not be on DW.

  • Slink back into my corner and do nothing productive.


Been thinking of playing NeiR: Automata. Friends want me to play The Witcher 2 and 3, and there are a ton of visual novels on my list that I should read if I intend to write a script for one. (Not for any official purpose--just a personal project.)

Someday I should finish Fire Emblem: Fates. I want to, but I also don't want to. The last time I played it, bad things were happening, and it's hard to kill the associations. On the other hand, I could start over and fucking marry Xander! I mean. Hold me, big brother. I doomed myself searching for fan art just now.

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