Amber Michelle (myaru) wrote,
Amber Michelle

The Purge begins. (Completed.)

As promised some time back in September, I'm locking down the majority of my old entries. Here's what you should know if you're interested:

  1. A select set of entries will be unlocked again. Here's the list.

  2. Friends-locked entries from January 2016-onward are exempted.

  3. I'll take requests to re-open others, but no guarantees.

  4. I probably won't cross-post new entries to LJ, but I'm still thinking about it.

This process may take a few days. I'm not exactly in a hurry.

And uh, yeah. Guess that's it. Comment if you have any concerns, but I'm just going to plug away at this task while I'm still motivated. Feelings of motivation often die suddenly and horribly when I least expect it.

EDIT: But why the hell is LJ adding random number hashtags to my tag lists on edited entries? WTF. Not all of them, just some.


02.06.2018 - done.

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