Amber Michelle (myaru) wrote,
Amber Michelle

Xenogears discussion and translation index.

This compiles all the Xenogears "meta" I thought was worth leaving a direct link to, and also translations.

I think my FE posts are way more awesome, but that's just because my Xenogears posts are older.

2011-2012 Xenogears replay:
08.2011: From the Beginning to Dazil
08.2011: Grahf is fancier than I remember

12.2007: Kahran Ramsus (complete)
07.2007: Shitan Uzuki (complete)
07.2007: The Elements and Elly's Strike Team
06.2007: Zephyr (second half), the Three Sages
06.2007: Jesse (part three)
06.2007: Jesse (part two), Zephyr (part one)
06.2007: Jesse (part one), Primera, Stone
06.2007: Billy Lee Black (complete)
03.2007: Solarian Social Structure
01.2007: Roni Fatima

So-called Meta:
03.2010: Nudity and Symbolism in Xenogears
12.2009: Xenogears: Unnecessary characters and other problems
12.2008: Some messy talk about Biblical quotes
07.2008: Shitan's sense of taste, or lack thereof
03.2007: Zeboim: death by fire or flood?
03.2007: Advertising and Propaganda in Solaris
03.2007: Social structure in Solaris (and on the ground)
10.2006: Symbolism in Xenogears
09.2006: North and South - industrialization in Xenogears (and Valkyrie Profile)
08.2006: Character design as character background/story-telling


I keep wondering if I should make an index post for fics as well, since my Xeno fics are far less numerous than Fire Emblem. But, now that I think about it, I haven't written much worth indexing... or that I would think is worth showing off now, anyway.
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