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FE Tellius: breaking news re: herons (no really)

Whoa guys, breaking news: the herons aren't ripped off from Tolkien - rather, clearly, Tolkien traveled forward in time and ripped off Fire Emblem! See here:

[Sauron] chanted a song of wizardry,
Of piercing, opening, of treachery,
Revealing, uncovering, betraying.
Then sudden Felagund there swaying
Sang in answer a song of staying,
Resisting, battling against power,
Of secrets kept, strength like a tower,
And trust unbroken, freedom, escape;
Of changing and of shifting shape, of snares eluded, broken traps,
The prison opening, the chain that snaps.

Backwards and forwards swayed their song.
Reeling and foundering, as ever more strong
The chanting swelled, Felagund fought,
And all the magic and might he brought
Of Elvenesse into his words.
Softly in the gloom they heard the birds
Singing afar in Nargothrond,
The sighing of the Sea beyond,
Beyond the western world, on sand,
On sand of pearls in Elvenland.

From The Silmarillion, Chapter 19: Of Beren and Luthien.

Alas, Sauron kicked his ass. I was sad. These elf dudes are fsking insane, let me tell you; Reyson takes after them quite strongly! However, if we're going to compare Reyson to anyone, I think Fingolfin is a better parallel. Finrod Felegund isn't quite as crazy.

So anyway, there you go: elves turning into herons.

This book? It's heaven in a binding. Why did I not read it through before now? Reading in fragments does not do it justice at all.
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