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Xenogears replay, part 001: from the beginning to Dazil

I have a reputation in Xeno fandom for being extremely pretentious (ha ha, FE, you thought you had the corner on that opinion!), but I'm going to fail hard at that, because my thoughts on the game right now can be summarized pretty easily as, "lololol foreshadowing!" and "dude, I don't remember Shitan being such a dick! Yes."

Citan = Shitan on my blog, just get used to it.

I bought the rom (or whatever you want to call it) on the PSN as soon as we bought a PS3. In fact, I put myself $10 in the hole for this game, just so you all know how much I love it. Ten bucks! It's a fortune. Most of the game looks fine, but I'm sad to say the intro movie suffers on our monitor screen; I don't know if the problem is just the screen, or that we're using HDMI (which seems most likely), but it was pixelly as hell. Ick. The intro is still awesome, though, and as a bonus, all of the technobabble made sense to me this time! You have to enjoy the intro, guys, because it's the first and last time the localizers bothered to sync the dialogue to the animation. First and last. Oh, the coincidence.

Remember, though: this was released back in the days when nobody gave a damn about the quality of dubbing. Or... maybe they did, but it sure doesn't sound like it. :D To be fair, the intro also looks like the last time the original animators cared about how good the art looked!

Well now. Lahan is only the most boring place on earth, and Dan is the creepiest little bastard in the entire game - this is counting Big Joe. I got out and ran up to Shitan's house as soon as I could, and this is where he takes over the post, because seriously - I didn't remember so many backhanded insults coming out of our sweet country doctor. Let's see: first he sends Fei into the garage to look at the music box, and drops so many heavy-handed hints I'm surprised Fei didn't remember under the sheer weight of them. Then he sends Fei in for dinner, and seems to be saying they shouldn't eat too much because it's good food, but what comes out is, "I won't be held responsible if you get a stomach ache from my wife's cooking!" Riiiiiight. Then he says he'll take his own camera equipment down because he isn't comfortable letting Fei handle it - and this is a reference to an earlier conversation with Dan, but he didn't know about that! So what it looks like he's saying is, "Sorry, no, I don't trust you with my camera equipment, butterfingers!"

Right, so: gears attack Lahan, Fei blows everything up and conveniently forgets about it, and Shitan hints he should take a walk and not come back. Enter Blackmoon Forest!

I feel so fucking lost without an area mini map. So lost. And to add insult to injury, the trees were always in my way when I tried to make a jump - no matter how I turned the camera! Fuck that camera. You know what else I feel naked without? A zoom-out option. This game feels extremely claustrophobic now that I'm used to newer games and all the modern conveniences therein. (This bodes ill for Babel Tower.)

Elly. Oh Elly. You should be so awesome, but you get knocked out twice in the space of twenty minutes so our young, dashing, angsty hero can save you. What the hell kind of soldier are you, anyway? You don't see Kelvena getting her ass handed to her by an imp! Come on. You do have a point about Fei being an angsty brat, and you get points for realizing your own hypocrisy, but can we please be finished with the damsel-in-distress thing? Please?

Yeah, not going to happen. I know. It hurts. She has the willpower (and firepower) to do great things, but almost never uses it unless her boyfriend is in trouble. Sigh.

I do still love her, but. :|

Shitan conveniently appears again while you're trying to save Elly the second time and drops a gear on you! And then he and Fei have this little gem of an exchange:
Citan:Fei! Are you alright?

Fei:Yeah... I guess so...

Citan:That fight with the Rankar was remarkable. An ordinary Gear could not defeat that monster.
And you certainly keep yourself in good shape...

And you certainly keep yourself in good shape? Ahahahaha why. WHY. All the Shitan/Fei art is coming back to me! I bet I can even still find some on my hard drive.

Seriously though. I'm sure there's a completely reasonable explanation over in the Japanese script. Or not.

No joke, by this time in my first playthrough I was convinced Shitan would betray me some time during the game. First he has that conversation with Elly before he tells her to take a hike, and then he has cryptic conversations with Sigurd, and by the time he finally confessed to being Solarian, I was waaaaay ahead of that game. I mean, it's not that hard to figure out.

Dazil still has the coolest town theme in the game, with the exception of Solaris. Solaris wins because it's such a ridiculous juxtaposition that your brain explodes.

... yeah. As you can see, this retrospective isn't going to be insightful in any way.


I'm using this replay as an opportunity to motivate myself to actually do that rewrite of Guardian Angels. It's only a few dozen pages, right? But it was so hard to get started. Now some of the project might actually get done. I rewrote the FAQ (but have not posted it yet), and will start with the worst of the character pages. From there, we'll see. I did that translation of the Solarian government all that time ago, so I may as well use it, right?
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