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Symphonia's half-elves, specifically in Sylvarant.

After writing a few Symphonia fics, I've realized I have a thing with writing Sheena and Genis as bros. It's not a pairing creeping up on me, because that's just not right, but uh, where is this coming from? Not from the game. :/ Sheena/Raine seems to be at least moderately accepted by fandom - that is, it exists. Maybe the two are related.

Anyway, for some reason, I was thinking about half-elves in Symphonia, and where the hell they come from, besides the obvious. The Desians apparently move back and forth between worlds as needed, and Tethe'alla has the (ancient?) elven village, but this still leaves me with questions:

1. People seem to believe full elves should exist in Sylvarant; the people in Iselia believe Raine's claim that she and Genis are full-blooded elves. But Heimdall appears to be the only place where they gather, which leads me to:

2. Where do the random town-based half-elves come from - like that kid in Asgard who tries to blow up the ruin? Were his parents Desian deserters? Was HE a deserter? (Doesn't seem like it, as his lab had pretty primitive technology and experimental devices, but that could just be a matter of access.) From his attitude it seems he grew up in the town, though.

3. The Desians appear to be primarily a military organization because the ranches are all the game shows us. Do they have civilian centers too? Or is their breeding controlled by Cruxis (which isn't totally out of the question)? There must have been four generations at minimum (realistically more), so they have to be coming from somewhere.

On #2, I suppose the occasional half-elf in Asgard or Triet might be the result of other half-elves who lived there on the fringes, as I'm assuming half + half = half just to simplify things. But that still leaves #1 a question, since the only stories in Tethe'alla that result in half-elves are elf/human relationships - and obviously there's room for other scenarios, but the game didn't give us any - so either Sylvarant's random half-elves are the result of a line of generations of non-Desian half-elves breeding amongst themselves, or there are Desian deserters, or both.

Or there's a big hole in the script and Sylvarant does have an enclave of elves we don't know about. I'm... doubtful on this one. It sounds more like a legend that Raine was able to cash in on.

But there's another question: do all Desians move to the newly declining world after the Regeneration is completed? I'm guessing that's what they mean by the Chosen "sealing" them. When Sylvarant is the dominant world, do the humans follow Tethe'alla's pattern and enslave half-elves as they were enslaved? That might be possible in Tethe'alla because they have a central government to enforce it, but I wonder if it might be a little more complicated without a Sylvarant dynasty. Honestly, they didn't think that element through very well. If Sylvarant has been without a leader for eight hundred years - around Spiritua's time, I think? - then what would its dominant culture look like? There have been other regenerations since then. Seems like the game was written with the assumption that they've always been in decline.

I don't know why this matters to me. It just popped into mind the other day. This game has an interesting history, but they kind of ignored the middle; the Kharlan War makes sense, the recent history of the worlds makes sense, but everything in-between is a gaping pit of nothing.

Kind of ignoring Exire, here, but my main concern is with Sylvarant.

Am I forgetting things? It's very possible I am.
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