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Various FE points.

1. Spiritual life and life after death in FE.
Making this first because it's the only non-Tellius point. Sad, I know, but Archanea is still a bit opaque to me, I haven't finished the Jugdral games, and Elibe is... in a gray area right now. But this point has all of them in common to make up for that.

None of the games touch on the afterlife that I can think of - not really. Up until 8, though, we have mysterious dragon figures (or entire races) that disappear from the world and presumably escape to some other dimension. I'm curious about what this means, both about the dragons themselves and the possibility for human transcendence. I mean, are we talking physical planes, or spiritual? Does it differ depending on the game? Does anybody have thoughts on this for Archanea or Elibe, deep or otherwise?

Tellius has spirits. Beyond that, I can't recall any hint of the possibility of spiritual or bodily transcendence, unless you count getting blessed by a goddess. That has physical consequences which we have no way of knowing in full, but the goddess herself is a physical presence until she disintegrates-- and then what? (My theory is that her essence just scatters and has to take some time to merge again.)

2. Tellius timelines.
Has anyone made a timeline of the important plot points in PoR and RD? (Not the historical timeline; a story outline, but in chronological order.) I know some events can be difficult to piece together (looking at you, Almedha), so this would be a valuable project to undertake if nobody else has done it. Of course, that would mean obsessing over the script... :/ In addition, it'd be neat to piece together each set of events in separate tables or diagrams, like "this is the course of Lehran's insanity over the last twenty-five years," or "this is how the dragon family got so fucked up."

This is the kind of obsessive crap I used to do for Guardian Angels. Sigh. But I've wanted one of these practically since I started writing for the fandom.

Anyway, it has comic potential.

3. Group allegiance.
Radiant Dawn has an interesting way of determining allegiance to a group. I was just thinking that with elements like the blood pact in play, it's a wonder the curse isn't harder to escape-- or is it? Several of Daein's units can defect to Ike's side at the end of Part 3; some are Daein-natives (Jill, Zihark I believe?, Tauroneo), and I wonder if betraying Micaiah would free them from the bounds of the curse, should Lekain decide to invoke it, or if they would still be affected. For that matter, what about people like Haar, who migrated to Daein and made it his home?

Then there's Micaiah. Is she native to Daein? It seems so; it's certainly possible if she was born in secret. If not, if she was born in Begnion... well, that supports the notion that "home is where the heart is," if you'll excuse the cliche. That's a little strange. We're talking about a blood pact, a curse that manifests on the body, using the body as its means of control, and yet it only seems to have a hold on people who believe themselves to be part of the group in question.

If allegiance is spiritual, that's really interesting. I suppose there's precedent in the FE series overall, since you've always been able to recruit sympathetic characters from all sides of the battlefield.

4. Strength breeds strength, etc.
Laguz aren't much of a culture of strength if their royal heritage is passed down by blood rather than ability - which is the case in Goldoa, Gallia, and Serenes. It can be argued the families in charge really are the strongest, but then, you can also argue that the nobles in Begnion really are better educated and able to govern - probably true - never mind their abysmal ethics. Is that just their inalienable right? Are others incapable of matching their strength or education? Of course not.

I don't know about Phoenicis or Kilvas. Not enough clues. However, I'm rather attached to the idea that Naesala wasn't royalty at all until he took up the role of king, and he just ended up there because he was sick of serving Begnion (i.e. beorc slavers) without explanation, and the plague happened to light a fire under his ass.

5. Randomly,
My FE fic has been getting a ton of spam lately - specifically Kinesis, my ill-met Soren fic written way the hell back in... I'm too lazy to check. The fic journal in general is getting a shit-ton of spam. What's up with that?
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