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Index of Fire Emblem topics

This is mostly for me, because I like to be able to look back and find things now and then. I'll add new ones when they come up.

From Latest (and most sensible) to Earliest (and, well):

Multi-game topics
2011.09: Wormcastles: food and preservation in FE
2011.02: Life after death in the FE series, timelines, blood pacts, etc.


2011.12: Why I Hate Crimea (and Gallia)
2011.10: Evidence that herons and Tolkien elves are related (no really)
2011.09: Branded and birthright in Tellius
2011.09: FE10: Have you ever heard of a vegetarian heron?
2011.09: The nature of galdrar
2011.09: Kilvas, the Blood Pact, and Naesala's role in the matter
2011.08: Cultural notes on Tellius and its nations (headcanon)
2011.01: The Serenes family tree and heron breeding
2010.12: Translation note: Heron Princess Lillia
2010.10: The Eye Motif in Tellius Character Designs
2010.09: Ashunera and Lehran as embodiments of Tellius themes
2009.09: Theories (which are full of spoilers on Branded, Apostles, etc.)
2009.03: The Rise and Fall of Begnion
2009.02: Sephiran's intentions regarding the survival of Altina's descendants
2008.12: Cosmic Balance and the Loss of Power in Laguz-Beorc Mating
2008.12: Names in Begnion (and Harmonia)
2008.12: Tracing the Serenes Massacre to Lehran and Altina
2008.11: Speculation on Lehran and Altina, version one
2008.10: Like Goddess, Like Empress (i.e. Lehran gravitates to dominant women, even if it's gen)
2008.07: Begnion's Ruling Traditions (+ bonus comment subplot: the herons are skanks theory)

Also notable, since it's heavily speculative about Tellius mythology: Call of the Heron.

I should compile my other theories, like the Ashera-Yune polarization and stuff.


2009.11: Lyn offers more than the designers give her credit for
2009.07: Post-FE6 politics between Bern and Etruria (with a lot of discussion in the comments)

Wow. That's... not much. I suppose Roy and his prissy sword stance don't count as meta?


2012.08: Minerva is a tough nut to crack after all
2011.09: Archanea and Chivalry: when the universe delivers trick questions
2010.07: Why Michalis's new ending is a bad idea
2010.03: Trying to map regions in Archanea
2009.12: Minerva and her mistakes in ruling Macedon
2009.12: The (il)logic of FE3's character endings
2009.09: Links to designer notes, Macedon-oriented
2009.09: FE11 and what it reveals about support conversations

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