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Not really any spoilers, I think.

I'm getting that feeling again - that "write a ship manifesto for Lehran/Sanaki" feeling. r_amythest had me looking at the original Japanese script to clear up a discrepency in the information about Lillia (Reyson's older sister), and it got me thinking about the vast - and I mean VAST - differences between the original script and the translation we got. Maybe it's just the limited samples I've seen, but they did a lot of simplifying and in some cases added subtext that was never there to begin with.

I mention the latter because Sanaki's interaction with Sephiran is one of the areas suffering from an overload of translator opinion, and I'm not just talking about the addition of ~paternal love~ - I mean the complete rewrite of her in-battle conversation with him in 4-5. Complete. Rewrite.

At the very least, I think a comparison would be educational for all parties, including myself.


... Oh. And. Just in case someone asks, this is what I was checking out.

[From the English RD script]

"...But I did always wonder why Heron Queen Lillia passed down the galdr of release..."

That's a mistranslation. "白鷺王女" means "heron princess," so no, the game is not hinting that the Serenes royals have a circular family tree or that Lilia is both Reyson's sister and mother, no matter how hilarious that would've been.

So anyway. Maybe I'll do the Japanese-English script comparison, but I've never been much for ship manifestos. I'd have to pull out a Japanese copy of Genji for this one, and maybe some fun things from say, Victorian literature, and then I'd have to dig up that bio major's note that said 30 generations of separation =/= incest, and yeah. Too much trouble.

But I could. That's the important part. MY THEORY IS AIRTIGHT.


That doesn't make any sense.

You guys keep making me want to play RD again. ;_;


Making this public, as it might be useful.
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