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Fire Emblem: the eye motif in Tellius character designs.

Okay, so, I was going to make a big English-majory post out of this, but I'm too lazy for that - and I never was a very good English major, come to think of it.

Today I finished and inked that Sephiran drawing I mentioned and decided to get off my ass and finish the Sanaki art as well. While studying Sephiran's design, I realized something kind of funny: there's a lot of eye imagery in the details. The embroidery on his purple sash, the lining of his coat - which is stylized, so it's not immediately apparent, but if you compare it to the other examples I'm going to mention, it's definitely an eye.

The same lining appears on Zelgius's cape. It's all over Sanaki's costume: her headband (it's folded, so only half of the eye-shape is showing), on the purple scarf-thing (shit, what do you call it? >.>), on her red mantle behind the bow, and the half-eye repeats in patterns all over her clothing. I thought that was awfully interesting - and then I realized it was in Micaiah's Light Priestess costume too. The cuffs of her sleeves, as far as I remember off the top of my head, and she wears a red circlet that emulates Sanaki's headband; the pattern on her cloak, where it's pulled and clipped in the center of her chest, echoes the pattern on Sanaki's, with a similar eye shape.

Not surprising. The meaning is obvious: anybody with a strong connection to the goddess, symbolically or literally, is so far displaying this design element. That stylized eye is on Ashera's dress, and a jewel hangs from her headdress that inspires the same idea. With that in mind, it's notable that the senators all wear similar decorations, as they're also supposedly in the goddess's service, but their costumes never quite complete the symbol as far as I can tell.

I wondered if it might mean different things depending on whether the person serves Ashera, Yune, or Ashunera, but the latter doesn't display any of this imagery, and seems to be more about nature than about visions of the future, which is what Ashera and Yune represent. The Apostles, of which Sanaki is one, are supposed to "see" Ashera's dreams and be able to prevent natural disasters and such, and Micaiah's ability at the beginning of RD reflects that strongly. Also, the two goddesses are sort of like manifestations of different visions - one of order and control, one of change.

This came to my attention because I've always been bad at designing costumes, and I was trying to figure out how to do something different for Sanaki. Once the eye thing hit me the job became easier, although it's still giving me trouble.

So yeah. Look at me, reading too much into everything. :D I did come up with a few more details, but they're spoilery and don't add much to the point.

That said, I still don't know what to do with Sanaki's pants. Stupid things.
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