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[Fire Emblem] You'd think it would be a fangirl's dream come true.

Ah, it's moments like this that put my fangirl love to the test.

Please note that the restraint I'm exercising to keep from hitting the "buy" button for FE12 over at Play Asia is epic. EPIC. I want it more and more with every spoiler I see.

According to this thread at Serenes, Michalis gets a cosmic pass in the new Archanea and survives to rule Macedon after the war. Just when I was saying I couldn't imagine any canon changes major enough to bork the timeline besides resurrecting someone or axing super-important characters like Yumina and Yubello, they go and change something major. Are we going to find out that Sirius stays behind and gets cozy with Nyna on the throne, next? If you want to talk about changing unforgiving endings, hers would qualify.

Not that I think Nyna should stay on the throne, mind you. She gets a pretty crap ending, that's all.

Michalis is a murderer. Maybe he had good intentions - maybe - but the ends do not justify the means. At least, that's the message the original game sent. He murdered his father to take the throne, tricked one sister into becoming a hostage and used her life to force the other to do his bidding, pressed his citizens into a draft, burned and slaughtered his way across the continent-- oh, and he intended to betray Dolhr and gang up on them with Camus once everything settled down, but that never came about. He hated Archanea. I think his feelings were justified, but look what they made him do, right? Not good. Even if he had the best interests of his own country at heart, he can't do that at the expense of others - which, by the way, is exactly the kind of hypocrisy he hated about Nyna's predecessors.

So he dies at the end of FE3. It's as valiant an end as he can get when he refuses to work within the universe's prescribed system (i.e. joining cute little Marth), but he pays for his crimes with death, which one imagines he would have to do anyway if he managed to survive the war. I wouldn't let him live if I were a rival monarch. Hell no. I can't imagine that he has a change of heart. Seriously. It's impossible to picture him deciding that Marth was right after all, and Michalis is really sorry, and he'll do better next time, promise. Also, working with Archanea after the game, as he surely would need to do? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA sorry, that-- I don't even know.

I like the hypocrite in Michalis. I like the pent-up rage - anger that's justified but misused. I like that he stands up to fate and takes it like a man when karma comes back to bite him in the ass.

This is all making me think of a note at the end of the Dragonlance Legends trilogy (shut up, I was young - of course I liked Dragonlance). Spoiler: Raistlin dies at the end. :P Margaret Weis talked a bit about writing that ending, and feeling that death was the only option that didn't betray Raistlin's character at the end of the story, because he isn't the kind of person that would just give up on everything and come back to the light. He isn't sorry - he never apologizes for his ambition, though he admits later that he made mistakes. He doesn't put on white robes and play nice. He never stops feeling contempt for people or hating his own weaknesses, and while he makes an effort during his "afterlife" to balance his bad karma and help the people he loves, he never, ever, to my memory, questions the justification of his own fate. He bloody well knows he deserved it.

Michalis comes off as that kind of character to me. I mean, I hate to compare him to what's essentially a cliche, but he's THE demonstration that the Archanea cosmos don't let you get away with murder scot-free.

I didn't say anything new there, I guess. Being a Michalis fangirl, I had to say something at length. That's the rule.

But enough complaining. Let's find something good about this change! I have an idea:

fe_contest just announced the upcoming special (re: awesome, hilarious) theme for our tenth contest, whenever that will be: Mary Sue / Gary Stu. HAHAHAHA GUESS WHO I'M GOING TO SEDUCE WRITE ABOUT? :D :D :D :D :D Holy shit, I can use My Unit for this, because Michalis has a support with her/him, and we all know supports = true love according to the fanfic-writing fans. All of your nightmares about the addition of that self-insert will come true!

... maybe. I might decide to Mary Sue my way into Sephiran's pants instead. You never know.
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