Amber Michelle (myaru) wrote,
Amber Michelle

[FE11] Those damned traitors.

The developer's notes for Archanea mention five regions under the country's direct rule, and which ones turned traitor:

1. Deil (Midia's family - loyal)
2. Lefcandy (presumably loyal)
3. Adria (treacherous)
4. Menidy (George's family - loyal)
5. Samsufe Samsooth (treacherous)

It says Lefcandy was caught flat-footed and unable to muster any soldiers. However, since you travel through his territory to reach the capitol (that is, I assume Lefcandith Gauntlet refers to that territory?), I'm guessing he was overrun. It can't be the territory Horace is holding against the Archanean League. I mean, it could, but letting a huge army pass through your land mostly unchallenged when the lives of your people hinge on squashing it... that just doesn't make any sense unless they just barely grazed your land and dashed by really fast. (And with an army... I seriously doubt any dashing will be going on, but maybe I'm wrong.)

So I have two choices: assign Horace to Adria or Samsufe, or pretend that he oversees a completely different region, or assign him to Lefcandy after all. Since the above notes are for FE1, I might be able to get away with overwriting one of the traitors named up there. I suppose it might be reasonable for, say, a neighboring marquess to hold the proverbial knife to his throat. It doesn't have to be more than one.

I can't play the chapter to check out location names, or I would. You really have to suck - or purposely kill just about everyone - to get to chapter 12x. Being the completist I am, I wouldn't be able to abandon that many units in time even if I did have a save somewhere near chapter twelve.

If this were Tellius, I'd just make it up. Ffffff. Opinions? I might be missing something. (Chances are high.) Ideas on potential linguistic roots of Archanean names, for the purpose of making things up? >_> The latter isn't really a strong point of mine.
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