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FE1/3/11: surprisingly not about Macedon

Only one or two people on the list even care about FE1/3/11. It's kind of sad, but this is just a bunch of rambling anyway. I haven't spent that much time thinking about the game, but started reading the Mystery of the Emblem script for more on Macedon, and this mess is the result. I did find what I was looking for, though.

Reading the FE3 translation is slowly giving me a better understanding of FE11, though I see what people mean about Marth's characterization changing drastically in the remake - he's so cute and naive in FE3, and this is after the War of Darkness. Seriously, how do you maintain that kind of optimism after Macedon and Grust? And people are just handing their power to him as he sweeps the land toward Archanea. This is hard to believe.

(Damn you, localization teams. Why do there have to be four different versions of the same name? I bet I'm spelling these differently every time I type them.)

Speaking of which, Grust and Macedon have the worst locations in relation to Dolhr. I'd be afraid to oppose Medeus too if he were sitting only two hundred leagues away and blocking my access to the rest of the continent. If the plan Michalis came up with involved hitting Dolhr from two sides at once, well, that's pretty smart, and probably the only way he can oppose them without getting his ass handed to him. It would've been smarter to find a way to ally with Altea, though, once it became clear Marth was going to rescue his country. He's proven his power by then, hasn't he? Camus is strong, but... >_> Actually, Altea and Gra are worse off than Grust, according to the FE3 map, so maybe Camus doesn't have an excuse. In fact, he deserves to be smacked. If Lawrence can side against the king for the betterment of his country when he no doubt has served longer, the story Camus gives you is just pride. Or maybe he wanted to punish himself. And yet again, he turns her down in favor of country, hahahaha poor Nyna.

Shadow Dragon doesn't mention the Grustian king's illness at all to my memory. Maybe I forgot about it? On the other hand, depriving me of that bit of knowledge is all that makes Camus's behavior remotely sensible, though... it's pretty much a given that Sirius is Camus, isn't it? With that in mind, maybe his loyalty wasn't to the king, but to the children, in which case his decision to stay with Grust is a little more understandable. His dedication is admirable, but considering how impractical it is to continue fighting when he could do more for his country by surrendering, it comes off as very unreasonable.

Well anyway, the Archanean characters still interest me somewhat, just because they're all cursed. I don't care about Hardin and Nyna, but Midia's rebellion could be an interesting subject to explore. Nyna's decision to leave just blows me away, and I know Archanea welcomed Marth when he marched in, but she's their princess - the one they wept and mourned for in the last game, etc. etc., and now she just disappears? I mean-- okay, she's had a very bad decade, and I can understand why she would want to get away. I guess if she's cursed she might be doing the country a favor, but come on.

I assume she runs off with "Sirius." It's the most likely explanation.

Hm. Relations between Nyna and Hardin could be interesting after the emblem is given away. Considering my own version of her story with Camus, I'd imagine Hardin was very dissatisfied with her to begin with. :D


Anyway. Most importantly - what the hell is this supposed to mean?

Grunia maiden Malliesia
After the war she vanished without a trace, much to Marth’s worry. Perhaps she has already become a bad girl...

Like, what, selling herself into prostitution? What are you trying to tell me, FE3?
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