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FE11 information post, mostly for my own benefit.

Since I'm almost done with Shadow Dragon and planning some lame Nyna/Camus fic, I thought I'd compile an information post. After scouring Serenes, I've come up with Camus's age (26 or older), and found nothing for Nyna, but there's plenty of information on characters I don't care about. I'm just going to make a list of links for my own reference, because I hate finding information only to lose the link and forget where I got it when I need to reference something again.

1. Information on Archanea's nobility (including Jeorge and Midia)
2. Supplement to that, the original Japanese text, which apparently has a lot of information we already know.
3. Character info, especially about the Macedonian characters (Minerva, Maria, Lena, Michalis)
4. Finally, a timeline - which seems to follow what I saw on the illustration book scans

But then, on further inspection, there are much more in-depth translations for Michalis, Maria, Lena, and others (the index is here). Lena's profile has a lot of information on Camus, which makes him even more awesome than I thought. <3

So Nyna was a prisoner for two years. Suuuuuck. However, she had Camus, who is really hot. :D Also, man, she really is cursed, isn't she, hahahaha. Poor Nyna. You sure know how to pick your men - first Camus, who decides to die for his knightly honor, and then Hardin, who decides he wants to rule the world. (She would've had better luck with Marth! Never mind he's probably ten years younger than she is. Or at least five or six.) The fan-written histories seem a bit inconsistent, though that may be the fault of the game scripts; I was under the impression Nyna was held in Grust before she escaped to Aurelis, but the histories say she was in Archanea with Camus. MAKE UP YOUR MIND OKAY.

I guess it could've been both, but I thought she hadn't seen her palace since her parents were killed? Ah well.

Macedon is pretty awesome too. Their story is actually very well-developed, but Archanea needs some help. It's too bad my fic plans aren't very creative. :P They're just meant to satisfy my love of tragic romance.

EDIT 09.23.09:
Finished! Wow, that was a pain in the ass. Not a big fan of the last map. :P I don't have much to say that I haven't already, though; I spoiled myself with the links up above, so nothing came as a surprise.
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