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FE6 babble on post-game situations.

... well, okay. I still don't feel like working on anything. Maybe I shouldn't have wasted the effort of finishing that story. Or maybe this is like, backlash for proclaiming hate for Ninian so boldly when most people seem to like her! It's karma.

I guess it could just be that I have so many potential projects. Having more than one can keep the work flow going, but having too many can make it hard to decide what to do. I DON'T KNOW. measuringlife wants me to write some fic about Miledy and Guinevere, but like, even though I have the circumstances worked out, I've no idea what they'd actually DO, you know? Do they even have anything to talk about besides their respective losses (Gale, Zephiel)? Guinevere seems like the epitome of the princess character, and Miledy... well, she's not butch or anything, but she's a warrior. Different interest sets there.

There are a couple of things I was thinking about. Realistically speaking, both Bern and Etruria are seriously fucked up after the events of FE6. Bern lost a war it probably put a lot of resources into, and made enemies of every nation on the continent by invading and, in most cases, taking over or upsetting the balance of power. Nobody is going to want to play nice with them. Trade will probably suffer, but they were lucky enough that the war was fought mostly on foreign soil, so the people might not starve or lose harvests, etc. On the other hand, they may have to give away a lot of their bounty to other nations who WILL have problems with famine. While it's probably true that people like Roy and Mildain won't try to squeeze Bern dry (actually, maybe the latter would be willing to take advantage of this), it'd be a good move on Guinevere's part to make that gesture and help people out. It'll make her look better on the outside - which is good, because she's going to need allies when her vassals inside Bern will probably be divided on whether or not to accept her as queen.

Depending on what percentage of Bern was behind the war, she may face a lot of public disfavor, as Lilina mentioned, because she appears to have killed Zephiel for the throne. His motives aren't going to be common knowledge, after all. So while she has loyal vassals - Miledy, Zeiss, Ellen - there will probably be rebellion.

So, will she call on foreign help, or try to fix it by herself? The latter is a better decision, but the former might be the best option.

Etruria is also in complete disarray. Most of the support conversations with Etrurian characters talk about rebuilding the country, and you get the feeling a new era is starting at the end when Mildain is crowned, so it ends on a hopeful note. I guess Roartz was more a symbol than a character, standing in for all of the rebellious nobles trying to take advantage of the prince's supposed death, because despite what the game tells you, he's the only guy you see plotting. Arucard is just a gimp. The only other noble I can think of is Pent, so that gives us a grand total of TWO PEOPLE to represent the aristocracy, and Etruria is bigger than that.

(What a pain. How much effort do you have to put into world-building to write for this game?)

So there are going to be other traitors to root out. Mildain will have the same cliche problem Sanaki does after FE10, only sooner - he'll have to form some kind of political marriage alliance, and that's going to be difficult when you can't be sure which noble is aiming arrows at your back. I don't think rebellion will be a problem in Etruria, so much as restructuring in both military and government - and probably church, but that's not the king's business. (At least I don't think so? Begnion is a theocracy, but Etruria seems closer to a real kingdom.) There are the Western Isles to worry about, which may not be in open rebellion anymore, but it's going to be a region of unrest for a while.

My initial thoughts about a political marriage between Bern and Etruria were, "oh, that's not going to work - there would be too many succession issues, and neither monarch can afford to leave their countries for any length of time to travel and have relations," etc. Mildain has options in Etruria, also - Cecilia, Clarine, a bunch of nobles who probably really like him and would sell off their daughters-- he's not in as tight a spot as Guinevere, who also probably has options, but will have to watch her back. The world doesn't seem SUPER TRADITIONAL in the sense that children out of wedlock are considered evil, so they have the option of affairs.

However, Etruria marrying Bern would be rather useful. In a way it puts Bern under Etruria's boot, since they have such a bad international reputation right now, but it would show that Guinevere has powerful support, and possibly calm down some of her opponents. It would also improve her social currency with other nations, so to speak.

If you're into the slash pairings involving these two - Percival with Mildain and Miledy with Guinevere - a distant marriage leaves a lot of leeway. Succession issues can be solved in the contract, although I still think that's kind of sticky, especially if someone manages to off Guinevere when she has only one child.

... not that any of this helps me with plot. All it does is leave me with the possibility of a love quadrangle, which isn't appealing.

I think FE6 is better for fic. There are more interesting political situations, and of course I loved Etruria. Everybody who called that was right. >_>; It's such a pain, though, because it doesn't leave me with much detail. Sure, I like world-building - when I'm doing it for my own stories. When I have to fill in the blanks for someone else, it's not as fun.
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