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Now it's about names in Begnion and Harmonia.

Harmonia (Suikoden) and Begnion (Fire Emblem) strike me as kind of parallel. Not just because they're both huge empires, but because they're theocratic, and because the impression I have of the Begnion nobility (corrupt, mired in tradition, locked into personal power struggles okay, so that describes most fantasy world governments and cultures) reflects the one I have of Harmonian nobility. We have more material on the rivalries in Harmonia, though, and the general cultural conflicts. Not so much with Begnion.

This occurred to me because I was trying to think up names for noble families and a small cast of OCs for the Chronicle, and ended up resorting to the same kind of technique I did with SPPM when I needed Harmonian names. In a very general sense, Harmonian names seemed to fit on a spectrum of East European and Russian types; not knowing anything about that, I just chose sounds that reminded me of those regions.

That's how I choose names most of the time, I realized. It almost always has something to do with how it sounds when I say it out loud.

If Begnion is comparable to the Roman Empire - which really seems to be the case in my opinion - then I have my pick of regions. Persian, Greek, Arabian, Germanic isn't out of the question... I'm pegging it as more early/mid Byzantine than ancient Roman based on the style of government, and as soon as I can remember what it was called, I will absolutely look it up and confirm it - or, you know, not. (I must have written it down somewhere. >_>) The names didn't make any sense to me until I started thinking of it like this, because they're so different. Sigrun and Astrid have certain sounds, and then you have Sephiran (reminds me of 'Seraphin,' which is French, but also of 'seraphim,' which... I believe is Hebrew, not Arabic? I lose track of loan words), Persis, which reminds me of... something, I don't know what, and also brings Farsi to mind, or Persia, which influenced how I describe it in fic. Begnion's just too diverse.

So I chose a name earlier - Medina - and it sparked this pointless thought process. But the name fits with my mental concept of Begnion, and I wanted to figure out why, because I need at least three more names to throw around. Five or six would be ideal. They're not really important characters, but they have to contribute something to the setting, because that's basically what they are - props.

I have no trouble wasting half an hour on planning for this fic - see above - yet writing it is like pushing a car uphill. But then, writing anything kind of feels like that right now. I couldn't make myself work on the December 14 entry either, and it's completely unrelated.

This entry wasn't supposed to be so long.

Feel free to poke holes in my logic. I'm not that attached to it. But I like the idea that Begnion has a mix of Mediterranean and Mideastern cultures.
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