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FE: Altina is all sorts of confusing.


It probably won't be that interesting. I mean, I am half-dead from rushing midterms. But this little conversation had me wondering about things I was valiantly trying not to think about while writing essays, because breaking from a topic about concentration camps to start rambling about Altina would be kind of tasteless. The up-side would be the expression on my instructor's face - incredulous, appalled, or - if there is such an expression - "you're so getting an F." The downside would, of course, be the glaring letter on my paper.

The conversation was in response to my five senses fic, which focused on Lehran (Fire Emblem). The very first section was about Altina, because by all appearances she was the first love of his life, and also the point at which his misery began. The problem with Altina is that we know nothing about her. She has no character, she has no lines in the game, we don't even know anything about what she did, except that she fought for Ashera, and the two blessed swords (Alondite and Ragnell) belonged to her. She founded Begnion, married Lehran, and just disappears after that.

My speculation was that her love for Lehran was inextricably linked to his nature as a heron. When he lost that, the curtain fell between them; he went temporarily crazy and tried to kill himself, and Altina... did what?

Well, we know she remarried some time after he decided to leave. And? I think there might've been some mention that she was anguished. Maybe. Discrimination! Women never figure in history as much as the men! This isn't to say I don't think she was affected, or that she got over it really quickly and went for someone else, but what was she doing while her husband tried to slit his wrists, or jump from the tower, or whatever? True, you can't reason with that kind of hysteria, so up to a point all she could do was hold him down. But the history gives the impression she didn't fight much when Lehran decided to leave, and I wonder if it happened that way because there was already distance between them.

To her credit, it could have been on Lehran's side. Now he had every reason to associate Altina and their daughter with the loss of his power. The emotional complications might have inspired him to push her away, possibly even hate her in a way, even if logically he knew it wasn't her fault. (Did they know? That's also a big question. Since this was the first time a child was successfully born to a laguz/beorc couple, how were they to know? I believe that was why he decided they should separate - though it was more out of fear his problem would frighten other laguz.) I've always assumed he felt bitter and hurt that she moved on, but maybe he went first and didn't want any reminders. But one of my questions is how long she waited. How hurt was Altina by all of this? If she decided to pretend the child belonged to someone else, she would've had to remarry fairly soon. It could have been done by lying about needing an heir, but since Begnion began by... what, electing its leaders? - something like that, it's hard to imagine that as an excuse.

Anyway, besides Lehran's distance - he went into seclusion for who knows how long - I wonder if there were other factors that created distance between them.
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