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VP Material Collection: Mystina, continued.

Okay, prepare yourselves - this is a translation I had mostly finished last summer, before I ran out of time, motivation, or whatever stopped my run of entries. While I'm actually doing this work I er, know what I'm doing, but six months after the fact... since it was mostly done and I can't find any notes, it's harder for me to see what I need to correct.

So, the point of this disclaimer? There may be a hell of a lot wrong with this. I hope you can empathize with my desire to start something new rather than redo work I've already done. :p All I did tonight was finish the last half of the third section.

(character summary, p.32)

フレンスブルグ魔術学院を主席で卒業し、 研究者として同学院に所属していた女性。  完壁主義者。  負けず嫌い。  私はモラリストでナルシストでエゴイスト、 とは彼女の弁。  だが、 自己分析はあまり得意ではないようで、 時折見せる優しいまなざしや孤独な気持ちには本人は気づいていない。  恩師ロレンタを毛嫌いし、 放校されレザード-ヴァレスに対抗意職を燃やす。  時々幽体離脱して、 散歩をするのを楽しいんでいるようだ。  彼女の目的は神界と人間を結ぶ虹の橋を見つけること。  案外、 ロマンチストのようである。

Mystina graduated from the Flenceburg Sorcery Collegium at the top of her class, and continues to work there as a researcher. She is a perfectionist and hates to lose. She would say that she’s a moralist, a narcissist, and an egoist. However, self-analysis is not one of her strong points, and occasionally she displays a kinder countenance, or loneliness, which she herself is not aware of. (1) She hates Headmistress Lorenta, and burns with antagonism for Lezard, her expelled classmate. Sometimes she enjoys spirit walking. Her goal is to find Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that connects Midgard and Asgard. Surprisingly, she is also a romantic.

1: doesn’t worry about;


つっぱった態度の中に、 人に理解されたい欲望を持つ。  並外れた頭脳と美麗な容姿を持って生まれれば、 普通はもっと違う生き方ができるはずなのだが、 彼女はそれを選ばず学究という孤独の道を歩いている。  エゴイズムは外向けの仮の姿に思えてならない。  ナルシシズムは自分で自分を抱きしめるかのような自己防衛に映る。  本当は、 彼女は自分以外の誰かに自分を理解してもらいたかったのではないだろうか。  しかし、 学問の最高峰ともいえる魔術学院も彼女をまるごと受け入れることはできなかった。  学院長は彼女でなく、 彼女と同じ魂を持った別の生徒 (レザード) を選んだようにメルテイーナには見えたのだ。

The woman who wanted to be chosen
Behind her stubborn attitude, Mystina has a desire to be understood. She was born with an extraordinary intellect and beauty, so one may expect that she’d not lead a normal lifestyle, but she didn’t choose to walk the solitary road of academia. (1) One can’t help feeling that her egoism is just an act. Her narcissism might be something she clings to as a manner of self-defense. (2) In truth, with the exception of herself, one wonders if there’s anybody who understands her. She hasn’t received all of the acclaim for reaching the height of scholarship at the Collegium, however. (3) The Headmistress recognized another student (Lezard); so Mystina saw it.

1: I had to look up what to do with ‘hazu’ so… I’m not confident.
2: 抱きしめるか is the source of two problems; I can’t remember the rules for ‘ka’ in the middle of sentences (ie: it’s implying a question, as in ‘it’s this or not’ right?), and the verb, which means ‘embrace’ or ‘hold,’ is modifying ‘self defense.’ I decided on one interpretation, but I wonder if “映る” is just another one of those verbs (like 覚える) that I’m supposed to interpret in this special context, or if it’s meaningful in a literal sense.
3: For some reason I had a hell of a time with this sentence. The next also gave me a slight problem.


友や恋人に囲まれて幸福に過ごす女は 「現実なんてつまらない」 とは思わない。  メルテイーナは自分が魔道の地、 フレンスブルグで受け入れられなかったことを知っていた。  自分が孤独な存在であることを痛いほど知っていた。変わり者を見るかのような周囲の目に耐える日々。  愛を渇望しても誰も気づかないから、 彼女の他人に対する態度は辛らつだ。  しかしレナスは、 彼女の魂を悪い部分も良い部分も認めた上ですべて引き受けた。  だから彼女はレナスだけは信用していたのかもしれない。  レナスの身に異変が起こった時も、 アーリィでなくレナスに忠誠を誓ったのは、 メルテイナなりの誠意に思える。  彼女はレナスが好きだったのだ。

Her devotion to Lenneth
Blessed and surrounded by friends and lovers, Mystina doesn’t actually think reality is boring. She knew her heresy (1) was unacceptable in Flenceburg. More than that, she realized her own solitary existence would be painful. Day after day she endured appearing as if odd in contrast with her surroundings. (2) Even though she craved affection, her attitude toward others was sharp because she didn’t care about them. (3) However, upon analyzing Mystina’s personality, Lenneth accepted her for who she was. Perhaps because of this, Lenneth is the only one she puts her faith in. Even during the disaster involving the valkyrie’s body, she made it clear that her loyalty was for Lenneth, not Hrist – because she likes Lenneth.

1: 魔道の地 is rather odd. The dictionary gave me too many results to be practical, so I’m not sure how to take it. She is a heretic, though, no question. :D
2: This is a hypothetical ‘as if’ sentence, but the modifying structure really fucked with me. This is where I stopped last summer, as a matter of fact. (Now I remember why!) The gist, though, is that there’s some comparison going on here, hence my wording.
3: or perhaps the gist is, she doesn’t care what they think of her.


What a blow to the pride. I hope Lezard's profile says something embarassing.

Anyway, this is the last of the old stuff. From now on I'll take more care with the final editing.

This is great inspiration for glance_reviver~ The piece I was working on felt stale, but now I think I can make it work.
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