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Xeno PW: Shitan's completed profile.

The longer I do this, the more I love the early interaction between Jesse and Billy. I wish I had a save at that part of the game.

So here we go: Shitan's full profile, including the bits I've already posted for the sake of completion.

(Timeline: post with original text and notes here.)

29 years ago (9970):
Shitan was born on the Third Class level of Solaris, ninth son of Shouki (father) and Ruki (mother) Ricdeau.

23 years ago (9976):
When he was six, he studied swordplay under his grandfather Kikka, and inherited the dual-swing "white" and "black" art.

17 years ago (9982):
A plague caused by experiments at the Soylent Facility spread across the Third Class block; the entire family died in the epidemic. Hyuga, whose genius had already been demonstrated during his youth, suspected these experiments were the cause of the problem.

14 years ago (9985):
Through Ramsus's intervention, Hyuga entered Jugend and shared a room with Sigurd there. Together they became Elements.

9 years ago (9990):
Hyuga becomes a Guardian Angel.

7 years ago (9992):
He takes up command of the Third Invasion of Shevat. Fights Gaspar and encounters his granddaughter Yui, whom he falls madly in love with.

5 years ago (9994):
During his repeated visits with Yui, he also accepts Gaspar's teachings, and seals his sword technique. His first daughter, Midori, is born in Shevat.

3 years ago (9996):
Hyuga is entrusted with Cain's mission and sent to the surface, where he takes the name "Shitan Uzuki." He reunites with his family in Shevat and migrates to Lahan.

Present Day (9999):
He lives as "the doctor on the mountain." 

ラハン村の外れの山頂に家族とともに住む医師。  温厚な性格の上、 腕も確か。  さらに様々な機械を扱い、 村人たちから 「シタン先生」 と呼ばれ、 親しまれている。  3年前、 フェイがリー村長宅にかつぎ込まれたときと前後して村に現われ。  フェイの治療に当った。  そのためフェイもシタンを慕い、 よく家を訪れては食事をしたり、 娘のミドリと遊んだりしていた。  ラハン村襲撃事件以降は、 家族と別れフェイとともに旅立つ。

その正体はソラリスの守護天使の一員であり、 天帝カインの密命を受けて接触者フェイを監視するために地上へ降りた人物。  本名をヒュウガ-リクドウという。  幼少の頃から天才的な才能を発揮し、 第3級市民層出身ながら、 ラムサスの執り成しによりユーゲント入学。  エレメンツ構成員となる。  ユーゲント卒業後、 守護天使に就任。  第3次シェバト侵攻作戦の指揮をとった際、 現在の妻であるユイ-ガスパルを見初めた。

天帝の密命を受けて地上へ降りた後は、 フェイを監視しながら、 これを導き、 守護する役割を果たしていく。

Shitan is the doctor that lives at the summit of the mountain outside of Lahan with his family. He seems to have a gentle personality in addition to his skill. He also knows how to service various machines, and he has earned the affectionate nickname “Doc Uzuki” (1). Fei appeared in the village three years ago when he was carried to Chief Lee’s door, and Shitan was there to treat him. Fei also admires Shitan, and often visits the house to eat, play with Midori, and so on. Following the attack on Lahan, Shitan leaves his family to start on a journey with Fei.

He is, in fact, one of the Guardian Angels of Solaris, who received a directive from Emperor Cain to observe the Contact (Fei), and he descended to the surface for that purpose. His real name is Hyuga Ricdeau. He demonstrated genius from an early age, and though he was a Third Class Citizen, Ramsus cleared the way for him to enter Jugend, where he became one of the Elements. He achieved the rank of Guardian Angel after graduating. When he led the Third Invasion of Shevat he met his current wife, Yui Gaspar, and fell instantly in love.

After he receiving Cain’s directive and moving to the surface, he became Fei's guide in addition to his duty as observer.

1: “he is affectionately called” it says – which amounts to a nickname, even if it doesn’t sound like much of one. The official localization has them using “Doctor Uzuki” as far as I’m aware, but ‘Doc Uzuki’ fits better in this context. The more formal version isn’t very affectionate. I assume ‘Shitan-sensei’ is one step more familiar than ‘Uzuki-sensei.’

シタンが天帝から授けられた密命は、 接触者であるフェイの ≪力≫ が、 アーネンエルベとしてふさわしいものであるかどうかを見極めることが主幹となっている。  それに加えて、 ヒトそのものの成長、 管理者のいない状態で ≪福音の劫≫ を迎えた後も、 ヒトとして生を享受出来るのか。  神の復活が成された後に、 自由意志による未来を獲得できるものであるのか。  といったことを判断するための調査も含まれていた。  シタンは報告のために、 度々天帝の下を訪れている。  時にはユーゲント時代の同僚であり、 同じ守護天使であるラムサスと会うこともあった。

Cain’s Directive – Shitan as Observer
The assignment Cain conferred upon Shitan put him in charge of determining whether or not the Contact’s “power” was an appropriate fit for Ahnenerbe. (2) In addition to this, he was to evaluate humanity’s growth, decide if current circumstances would allow the retirement of their shepherd after the arrival of the “Time of the Gospel,” to allow humans control of their own destiny. (3) If God’s revival were brought about, would they be able to grasp their new future? His judgment is to cover all of these things. Shitan often reports to Cain concerning these matters. Incidentally, he also comes into contact with Ramsus, hid colleague from Jugend, who is also a Guardian Angel.

2: rendering of Ahnenerbe from An Eye for the Infinite. This is one issue from the game that I’ve always been iffy on. I’ll have to check Cain’s profile later. This sentence is probably a bit off.
3: there is explicit mention here of Cain as shepherd, and the evaluation leading to his decision to give up that role.


The epidemic in which he lost his family:
When Hyuga was thirteen the Third Class level was swept with plague. This incident killed everyone in his family - parents, his eight brothers (1), and his grandfather. Because of the genius he'd shown during his youth, from that time forward he was faced with persecution from his fellow Third Class citizens, who suspected he was the source of the epidemic (2). This continued until he entered Jugend.

(Epidemic: post with original text and notes here.)

第3級市民層を襲った疫病事件によるいわれなき疑いが広まったことで、 ヒュウガの存在が当時ユーゲントでエレメンツ発足を推し進めていたラムサスの目に留まる。  ラムサスはヒュウガをユーゲントに入学させ、 エレメンツへと加入させる。  この時、 ヒュウガはシグルドと同室になり、 先輩ジェサイアとの交友を深めていった。

Ramsus Intervenes
The widespread suspicion over Hyuga’s part in the outbreak on the Third Class Level caught Ramsus’s attention. (4) He got Hyuga into Jugend and then admitted him to the Elements. Hyuga and Sigurd became roommates, and their association with Jesiah advanced.

4: Kahr is mentioned twice in close succession; he’s identified as “Ramsus, who forged ahead in admitting Hyuga to Jugend and the Elements” and then in the very next sentence, he appears again without the descriptive to do exactly that: admit him to Jugend etc. It seems – to me – to be saying that he did this despite the rumors, or stuck his neck out to do it, that sort of thing. Otherwise, why the long description of how he did this, when it goes on to say he does it in the very next sentence? I’ve no idea how true to the original my interpretation is though, which is why this footnote is longer than the paragraph it’s supposed to be commenting on.

ジェシー、 シグルドとの交友
ジェサイアはヒュウガがエレメンツに加入した時、 すでにラケルと結婚し、 ビリーをもうけていた。  シグルドが一時ジェサイア家に居候していたこともあり、 ヒュウガもジェサイア家を良く訪れていた。  劇中の思い出話で 「酒を飲んで3人でハラ踊りをやった」 などと話られており、 かなりジェサイアの遊びに付き合わされていたようだ。

His associates, Jesse and Sigurd
Around the time of Hyuga’s admission to the Elements, Jesiah married Raquel and Billy was born. Sigurd was allowed to stay with Jesiah’s family for a short time, and Hyuga visited regularly. Judging by the reminiscence of the three of them “painting faces on their stomachs and dancing around” (5), they spent quite a bit of time messing around with Jesiah.

5: I used a variation on Jesse’s line in the script: [Oh god, is it that time already? Well then, before we go let's do the usual... You know... the 'paint the face on your stomach and dance around trick'...? The three of us together!] In the Japanese script it’s ‘ハラダンス’ and here it’s ‘ハラ踊り’ which is basically the same thing – belly dancing. It must have a cultural connotation I don’t know about - I remember this being the object of discussion a really long time ago, but can't remember what the conclusion was. Alc failed me on this one. :P

ヒュウガが守護天使に選出されたのは、 幼少の頃身につけた剣術と、 兵品設計技師としての卓越した才能、 策士としての手腕を評価されたため、 特に兵品設計技師としての能力は群を抜いており、 地上に降りるまでの間に彼が設計した兵品は数知れない。  代表的なものだけを挙げても、 ラムサス機ワイバーン、 ヴィエルジェ搭載のエアッドシステム、 アハツェンに採用された可変フレーム、 バントライン、 アルカンシェル、 エレメンツ専用機 (4機) と、 枚挙にいとまがない。 

A sample of Hyuga’s weapons designs
In addition to learning his grandfather’s sword technique at an early age and being chosen as a Guardian Angel, he showed extraordinary skill as a weapons engineer. To evaluate his skill (6), he drew up too many plans to count before his transfer to the surface, and his ability was surpassingly good. Examples of his work might be Ramsus’s gear Wyvern, Vierge’s AIRD System, Achtzehn’s Variable Flame (7), Buntline, Alkanshel, the gears used by the new Elements, and too many others to list.

6: Not too sure of this. I had a problem with this in the third invasion paragraph too -策士としての手腕を評価されたため would seem to refer to his ability as tactician. Yet, this paragraph is all about engineering. I guess they could fit it in, but still!
7: I don’t remember this from the game at all. I'll have to find it in the script, if it's there.

The Third Invasion of Shevat
The invasion of Shevat is an episode of Hyuga's life in Solaris that shows his value as a brilliant tactician. Beginning five hundred years ago, two invasions were launched against Shevat in quick succession, followed by three hundred years of relative calm to present day, when the offensive was resumed. Hyuga, who attained the rank of "Guardian Angel" at the tender age of 21, was given full command of the campaign.

The warrior Gaspar, one of the three sages of Shevat, confronted Hyuga while he was in Shevat during this campaign. Despite unleashing his full ability during this fight, Hyuga could not win. It was at this time he met Gaspar's granddaughter Yui, and fell head-over-heels in love with her.

With both sides exhausted thanks to Shevat's fierce resistance and the efforts of the Sages, Hyuga ordered an immediate withdrawal. Although Shevat escaped surrender, the city's military power had already been destroyed. Hyuga's decision to withdraw was based on strategic considerations, but his feelings for Yui may have played a role as well.

(Third Invasion: original post with notes here.)

Sealing of his sword skills
When seven, Hyuga was instructed by his grandfather in the "white" and "black" dual-sword technique. He didn't just study; he showed extrordinary ability in combat, especially in this style, while in contrast Solaris lacked such ability.

Having met Yui around the same time as his confrontation with Gaspar during the invasion, Hyuga returned to Shevat several times in secret after going back home, to see her. While visiting her, he also debated matters with Gaspar. Hyuga was deeply impacted by Gaspar's philosophy as a warrior, and determined to seal the skills his grandfather taught him, which were meant to kill. "White" and "Black" were given into Yui's keeping and Gaspar became his mentor, training him in unarmed, hand-to-hand combat.

After that Hyuga received his orders from Cain, and his family departed for the surface. Even while watching over Fei and drilling him in combat, the seal on his sword tech was not released. When the group was about to go to Solaris, however, Yui released him in anticipation of Id's awakening.

(Sealed skills: original post with notes here.)

シェバト侵攻作戦から2年のあと、 ヒュウガとユイの間にミドリが誕生した。

前年のエルル粛正時に出現したイドの驚異的な力を知った天帝カインは、 この頃からヒュウガを呼び寄せ、 接触者のアーネンエルベとしての可能性を探る計画を立てる。  ヒュウガは近く地上に降りることをユイに伝えら後、 しばらくシェバトへの訪問を控えていた。  2年後、 ヒュウガはシタン-ウズキと名乗り、 ユイとミドリを連れてラハン村に降りる。

ユイはシタンの前身を知っており、 ラハン村で暮らす理由もわかっている。  その上で、 フェイともごく自然に付き合っていた。  娘のミドリは、 元々無口な質だが、 ことに父親との会話は少ない。  動物と意思の疎通ができる能力を持っており、 劇中ではセプツェン内のニコラの意思などを感知している。  父であるシタンに対しても、 その背後にある天帝やガゼル法院の存在、 フェイに対する監視者としての役目などを感じ取り、 素直に心を開くことができなかったのだろう。

Family -- Shitan's relationship with his daughter
Two years after the Shevat Invasion, Midori was born to Hyuga and Yui.

The previous year Cain, who was aware of the incredible power released by Id during the Elru incident, summoned Hyuga and put together a plan to determine the Contact’s suitability regarding Ahnenerbe. After Hyuga descended to the surface nearby and transmitted his location to Yui, it didn’t take long for him to pay a visit to Shevat. He took Yui and Midori along to Lahan.

Yui is aware of Shitan’s origin and reason for moving to Lahan. She also knows the truth about Fei. Their daughter Midori is silent by nature, and rarely converses with her father. She has the ability to understand animals and the intentions of other people (8); she was able to feel the presence of Nikolai’s thoughts within Seibzehn during the game, among other incidents. In regards to her father, she knows of his association with Cain and the existence of the Gazel Ministry, as well as his duty to play guardian to Fei. She cannot feel comfortable opening her heart to him. (9)

8: I’m assuming意思 refers to the intentions of people, since it’s counted separate from animals. :p
9: interpreting素直に as ‘without protest,’ which seemed the most viable option.

フェイの監視を目的とするシタンは、 ラハン村で重傷を負い意識を失ったフェイと出会う。医師としてラハン村を訪れたシタンは、 フェイの治療と看護に当る。  ソラリスで培った知識と技術でフェイを蘇生させると、 村の裏山に居を構え、 フェイの回復を待った。

豊富な知識と確かな医療技術、 そして温厚な性格と妻子があることから、 村人の信頼も得られ、 有事の相談役としても頼りにされるようになる。  また、 機械いじりの趣味を見せ、 カメラやオルゴール、 ポンポコ風呂などを製作 修理。  村の機械のメンテナンスや修理なども引き受けていた。

フェイはイド封印による人格喪失状態であったため、 回復時はかなり情緒不安であったが、 シタンの手引きにより、 徐々に落ち着きを取り戻す。  そのためフェイはシタンに懐き、 よく彼の家を訪れて、 皆で食事をしたりミドリと遊んだりしていた。

Life in Lahan
Shitan met Fei when he was seriously wounded in Lahan. He visited the town as a doctor and nursed his charge back to health. The knowledge and skills he cultivated in Solaris allowed him to revive Fei, and he took up residence on the mountain behind Lahan to await his recovery.

With an abundance of knowledge and reliable medical skills, as well as his gentle personality and the presence of his family, Shitan obtained the trust of the townspeople and became their advisor in times of need. His interest in machinery also got their attention; he produced a camera, a music box, a bathtub, and other things. (10) He is responsible for maintaining and servicing the town’s machinery.

When Fei recovered from Id’s suppression (11) he was rather uneasy, but Shitan’s guidance gradually calmed him. As a result of this, Fei grew attached to Shitan, and would often visit his home, eat dinner with everyone, play with Midori, and so on.

10: specifically, his interest in tinkering with machinery drew attention; 製作修理 is sort of a compound in the original – I can’t tell if it means he both services and builds – which seems not to be the case in the game – or if it’s all one thing. ポンポコ didn’t come up for me at all, but it’s clearly describing the bathtub. :p I forgot what Fei says about it when you examine the thing during the game, but it must be something hilarious.
11: I’m not sure how to best interpret イド封印による人格喪失状態であったため. The ため by itself is kind of irritating, but I thought it might be “as a result of,” rather than the usual “for the purpose of” meaning.

... and then THEY ALL DIED.

That is, the townspeople. The character blurbs (for Lee, Timothy, Dan, Alice) aren't worth translating. They tell us exactly what happened during the game, or what you can learn by talking to the townspeople, and nothing more. They aren't even as important as the strike team, so they don't get any goodies from me.
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