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Xeno PW: Jesse, completed.

Okay, I have to ask. For those of you who use Japanese input in Windows, how retarded does it get for you? Because there are times I can type up whatever I need, and other times when it won't register common words, whether I type them correctly or not. It is such a pain in the ass to piece words together by individual kanji just because my program can't get it together during the full moon, or whatever the hell its problem is.

I can't get it to render 'tsuzuku' either, but that might be a genuine program flaw. Dunno. Am pissed off whenever I run into the issue, regardless. :D


ビリーの父を自称する、 両頬にひどい火傷痕を持つ男。  身体中に隠しホルスター (計10挺以上!?) があり、 その射撃の腕前は神業的。  1年前にビリーの元へ戻ってきてからは、 詐欺的な調子の良さで、 いつもビリーをトラブルに巻き込んでいる。

ビリーの父は、 本名をジェサイア-ブランチュという。  出身はソラリスで、 ごく普通の夫婦の元に生まれた。  ユーゲントに入学し非常な好成績を修め、 ゲブラーの次期総司令官と噂された。  しかし本人は反骨精神に満ち、 立場が中枢部へ近付くにつれ、 ソラリスに対する様々な疑念を持ち始める。  ユーゲント在籍中に、 同期生ラケルとの間にビリーが生まれ、 結婚。  その後独自の調査でM計画の真相に迫ったため中枢部に睨まれ、 家族をつれてソラリスを離脱した。

Billy's would-be father, a man with terrible burn scars on both cheeks. He has concealed holsters on his person (in total, no less than ten guns!?), and his marksmanship is miraculously good. Since returning home a year ago, his disruptive behavior has been dragging Billy into trouble. (1)

His real name is Jesiah Blanche. He was born into an ordinary home in Solaris. He entered Jugend and completed his studies with extraordinarily good results, and it was rumored he would be the next Commander-in-Chief of Gebler. He rebelled against this however, beginning to harbor doubts about Solaris the closer he got to central power. While enrolled at Jugend Raquel gave birth to Billy and married Jesse. Afterward, upon learning the truth about the M Project while watching Central Command, he toook his family and fled Solaris.

1: I don't know what to tell you. :P All I could find for "詐欺" was the definition "fraud, swindle, graft." (Graft? Who uses that?) The addition of 的 turns it into an adjetive, so I have something that seems to say 'delinquent behavior' - a good match for Jesse, yes. How is that good, though? HOW? Seriously. ---> corrected with Jo's suggestions. It's still not as exact as I'd like, but the phrase makes more sense to me now.

I think this was worth the trouble for the line about his guns. :P

I'm going to skip the next paragraph, "失踪の真意" ("the truth behind his disappearance") because more than half of it is devoted to information we already have: when he disappeared, he participated in guerilla campaigns led by Gaspar (or at least carried out on his orders) during the Third Invasion, stole Buntline from a Solarian garrison, and attempted to get into Shevat. Then:

翌年、 ソラリスの追撃が家族の身に及ぶことを憂慮し、 失踪を計画。  子供たちが尋問を受けることのないよう、突然の失踪という形で姿を消した。 

The following year Jesse grew concerned with what would befall his family in the course of Solaris's search, so he planned to leave. He did this suddenly, making it seem he disappeared, so the children wouldn't be questioned.*

* corrected.

His motives are important enough, at least, even if we already guessed at them. :p

整形 ~ 帰還
地上へ降りていたシェバトの工作員、 ジョシュア-ブラクと出会い、 行動をともにする。  ジョシュアはジェサイアの真意を知り、 シェバト導こうとするが、 ソラリスの追手によって死亡する。  その際、 ジョシュアは自分の風貌や指紋等を使って整形するよう示唆。  ジェサイアは厚意を受けて大幅な整形手術を受けた。

3年後、 ビリーの元へ帰還。  風貌は元より、 性格までワイルド変わった父にビリーは不信を覚えるが、 プリムは最初から父と知り、 懐いていた。

Plastic Surgery and His Return
Jesse met Joshua Black, a spy from Shevat who had descended to the surface. Joshua knew the truth about Jesiah and would have guided him to Shevat, but a Solarian pursuer killed him. At this time, Joshua suggested (1) Jesse adopt his features, fingerprints, and so on. Jesiah accepted this kindness and underwent surgery to drastically change his appearance.

Three years later, he returned to Billy's orphanage. Of course his appearance was different, but his personality was also wildly changed; Billy did not trust him, but Primera knew he was their father from the beginning, and grew attached to him. (2)

1: not positive, but I don't think other interpretations would be much different.
2: "元より" and "不信を覚える" gave me trouble. Input would be welcome. The second is just an issue of interpreting the verb I guess, but I wasn't sure how to apply the first.

Now, back to our scheduled entries. >_>

It turns out I didn't have as much on Mystina as I thought, so she'll take a bit longer. What I have now is the "From the Developer's Room" box, , which is the same section I did for Jayle. The latter's relation to the knights wasn't what I needed, so I didn't do anything with her character sketch, but I'm much more interested in the insight Mysty's section will give for her character.

That can wait until tomorrow. :p I had a Suiko-themed entry that will also have to wait. Oh well.

Edit (06.30.07): corrections made with totorojo's insight~

Edit 2 (07.20.07): silly me. Shitan says during the game - or implies, anyway, as good as - that Billy was the cause of Jesse's 'shotgun wedding.' I guess that explains the timing of his marriage. :p
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