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Xeno PW: some Jesse here, some Zephyr there.

This has been half done for at least a week. I kept meaning to get back to it, but distractions keep popping up! Girl #3 will soon have an adorable dragon plushy, for instance. :D

Every entry, I think I'll have to remind myself of what I actually plan to read. >_>

- XG: Miang (Zeboim)
- XG: Krelian (everything re: Solaris war)
- XG: Billy's profile (and related people)
- XG: completion of Solarian social structure
- VP: Hai-Lan national data
- VP: Freya and Frei
- VP: Jayle
- LE: Delphine
- FFXII: timeline
- Suiko: Sarah
- XG: Queen Zephyr
- XG: Jesse

In progress:
- XG: Shitan
- VP: Mystina

If I have time:
- XG: Rico and Hammer
- FFT: timeline (in V-Jump strat guide)

I'm just doing what interests me right now - this could change. I hadn't decided on Hai-Lan for my VP spree until today. Limiting my fun with the gods to just Freya and Frei (which is actually mostly done, as is Mystina) will make this easier, too. And then some of this is me trying to confirm information I already have (Krelian, Sarah).

Now, for the entry I've been sitting on for the last few days. It isn't much, but I've been playing Zelda doing very important things.


ユーゲントで同じく中枢部の政策に 反発するラムサスと出会い、エレメンツを発足。  ヒュウガ、 シグルドを監査指導する立場となり、 これまで暮らせていた疑念は、 彼等被差別民とのソラリス離反という形をとる。  離反という手段を選択したのは、 妻ラケルの 「被差別世界を実際に体感すべき」 という言葉の影響による。  その後M計画真相を知り、 ソラリスを離脱。  これまでに入手した情報を元に、 地上で独自の調査活動を開始する。  その内の1人が、 ソラリスを脱したマリアとぜブツェンの捜索だった。

In Solaris
In Jugend, Jesse met Ramsus, who sought to overturn the policy governing the institution, and created the Elements. It turned out this position allowed him to guide Hyuga and Sigurd, who until now had doubtful prospects as a minority discriminated against and alienated from Solaris. This departure from tradition was influenced by Raquel, who told him he should experience the discriminatory nature of their society himself. (1) Afterward he learned the truth about the M Project and escaped from Solaris. With the information that came into his hands in Solaris, he started gathering information on the surface. (2) He started to search for Maria Balthasar, who had escaped from Solaris with Seibzehn, based on that information. (3)

1: ... what the hell, 体感すべき. You are not welcome here. She seems to be telling him to stick his neck out instead of being a coward - ie: by going against the grain, he'll experience similar stigma to Hyuga and Sigurd. I've no idea if this is right, as I had to break the sentence up to decide what I wanted to do with it, and that always means bad things. Anyway, the obvious part is that treating Hyuga and Sigurd like human beings is grating to Solarian sensibilities.
2: it says he does this in his characteristic way - an allusion to his disappearance, I'm guessing.
3: Altogether, the last three sentences assume you know enough about the M Project to realize that Maria and her father were involved in it. The Aquavy section of the script says Jesse knew that Maria escaped with data hidden in her gear, and also that the details of the program disgusted him - but at this time, he only could have known about the human experimentation.

This one was incredibly irritating, for the record. I can't say often enough how limited textbooks are, and lots of stuff in this paragraph never showed up in said books. Somehow. My vague memory is also a problem; for instance, I don't remember the details of the M project (or rather, what he would have known about it at this time), and that's rather important, considering it had such an influence on Jesse's life.

What a profitable experience this is! I'm coming across stuff that won't ever show up in class!

... I'll keep telling myself that.

ゼファー女王 (Queen Zephyr)
シェバートの女王。  500年前に起こったソラリス戦役の生き残りであり、 延命措置によって現代まで生き続ける少女 (実年齢は522歳)。  一族の者は500年前の大戦によって滅び、 以後、 結婚も出産もしていないため、 緑者子孫はいない。

世界の実情を知る数少ない人物の1人で、 現在はワイズマンに命じてフェイの動向を深けらせている。

Shevat's queen. (Ahahah. Really?!) She is a survivor of the war with Solaris five hundred years ago, and has lived until today via longevity treatments (her true age is 522). Her family was destroyed in the great war five hundred years ago, and thereafter she did not marry or have children, and she has no descendants. (1)

As one of the few people who is aware of the world's true state of affairs, she uses Wiseman to monitor Fei's activities. (2)

1: the trouble starts with "結婚も。。。" One part of this says she hasn't married or had children, and the other part says that she has no descendants - presumably from other family branches? I have no idea what "緑者" is supposed to be, unless it's a reference to youth. I would normally read this part of the sentence as, "in order not to marry or have children" because of the ため, which is the only use of it I know. But with the last part, that doesn't make sense to me. Maybe I'm just being dense.
2: presumably because she, unlike most others, knows exactly who he is. I'm very interested to see just how much she does know, if enmity with Krelian isn't as sure a thing as I used to think. Now... this is a sentence I may be misinterpreting - the content is fine, but as for who '数少ない人物の1人で' refers to, well. ^^ You can see what I decided. But I could swear it refers to Wiseman, which would make as much sense or more.

Completely unrelated, I'm so glad I'm not the only person who thinks the VP Silmeria guide sucked. It really, truly did. Someday I'll compare scans of the Japanese publication and the US excuse for a guide, because the difference is truly stunning. Aside from getting information wrong, they chose the worst possible way to render dungeon maps. It's so bad that I concluded they wanted to make the game more confusing - there's no other explanation. :P
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