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Xeno PW: Primera, Stone, Jesse.

There's more - oh so much more! This book is well over three hundred pages, after all. I'll try not to spam you, between this and any pointless rambling I decide to do, but I mean... it's going to be hard.

Slicing this book out of its binding was the best thing I could have done. It's so much easier to work with now! I should've done this years ago.

ビリーの妹(7歳)。  母の死をきっかけとして言葉を失う。  だが、 表情は明るく、 「良い人」 には進んで懐く。  自分のために 必死になって面倒を見てくれる兄を一番大切に思っているが、 やはり幼いだけに、 最初に取り戻した言葉は 「パパ」 だった。  頑なにストーン司教を拒絶したり、 姿の変わったジェシーに懐いたりと、 幼さ故の敏感な心を持っている。

ビリーは妹が言葉を失った原因が、 事件の夜、 柱時計の陰に隠れながら、 死霊に覚られまいとしてプリムに 「泣かないで」 と言い続けた自分にあるのではないかと気に病んでいる。

Billy's younger sister (age 7). She lost the ability to speak as a result of witnessing her mother's death. Her countenance is light-hearted, however, and she's accepting of "good people." (1) Her brother, who desperately tries to take care of her, is the most important person in her life, and yet her first words since early childhood were for "Papa." She stubbornly rejects of Bishop Stone and accepts her much-changed father, showing she has an innocent yet perceptive heart. (2)

As for the cause of Prim's condition - while they were hidden behind the wall during the night of the attack, Billy kept saying to himself "Don't cry, don't cry,"and this more than the Wels, which she may not remember, may have led to her illness. (3)

1: the sentence gives us 'to make progress' + 'to become attached' to what are termed 'good people.' This explains her immediate attachment to Jesse. I'm just not sure about the best way to express it.
2: The '幼さ故' looks a bit odd to me. I think it's saying that she has a kind of childish perception that allows her to separate the good from the bad intuitively. *shrug* This is implied earlier in the paragraph. And rendering 'kokoro' into something useful is always a little more trouble than it should be.
3: '-まい' is a bit problematic for me, as I've never seen a satisfactory explanation or example for it. I know it as a negative assumption - as in, 'X probably didn't happen.' However, the real problem in this sentence is 'として.' I don't think we covered this extensively, so I'm just not familiar enough with its usage. It can be 'toshite (as, by way of)' or a form of 'to suru,' which can be either an assumption or a reference to a sensory experience. The last option naturally makes sense in this context, but I'm not positive which one of them it's referring to. I'd assume Billy, since it says he didn't see anything while Prim did, and yet it might also refer to her not remembering what she saw - she was only three, so this is likely. This is probably a lot easier than I'm making it out to be, but for some reason I just can't see it.

Stone better not be as much of a pain in the ass. :D

本名はスタイン。  「教会」 の司教で、 表向きは優しい神父。  ユーゲントでジェシーと同期であり、 ラケルに想いを寄せていたが、 ジェシーと結婚したことで逆恨みし、 死霊を使ってラケルを殺害した。

Bishop Stone
His real name is Stein. As an Ethos bishop he appears to be a benevolent priest. At Jugend he was in the same class with Jesse and had feelings for Raquel, but she married Jesse instead and Stein, full of resentment, had the Wels murder her.

ベルレーン: エトーンだが、 実体はソラリスの暗殺部隊の1人。
教皇: 「教会」 を 統べる位置にある人物。  シャーカーンも教皇。

デビー: 空飛ぶ円盤が好きな少年。
ブービ: 柵の外を走り回っている少年。

Ethos Personnel
Verlaine: an Etone, but also a member of the assassination unit from Solaris.
Bishop (1): a position of authority within the Ethos. Shakhan is also a Bishop.

Debbie: the boy who liked the "UFO." (2)
Bubie: the boy who kept running around the fence.

1: actual translation is "pope," which isn't quite appropriate for this context. It says Shakhan is at this rank, and the game calls him a Bishop, so that's what I'm using here.
2: As per comments, this probably refers to Shevat. I completely forgot about them. XD

Well, guys. I may suck at this, but it is helping me remember all of that kanji I thought I forgot! For that alone it's worth the effort. And look how I get sucked into doing work I wasn't planning to tackle:

34年前: ソラリスにて父エイブラム-ブランシュ、 母マライアの一子として誕生。
21年前: (13歳) ユーゲント入学。
16年前: (18歳) 同期生ラケル-べネトナーシュと入籍。  直後にビリー誕生。
9年前:  (25歳) ゲブラー務司令着任を前にソラリスを離脱。  多島海エリアの孤島に辺境保安官として落ち着く。
7年前:  (27歳) ガスパールと出会う。  第3次シェバト侵攻作戦で、 ガスパル率いる地上ゲリラー部隊に参加。  ゲブラー駐屯基地からバントライン奪取。
6年前:  (28歳) 家族の元から失踪。
5年前:  (29歳) シェバト工作員ジョシュア-ブラックと出会う。  彼の死後、 整形。
2年前:  (32歳) ビリーの孤児院に帰還。
現在:   (34歳) シェバト接触を求めて情報収集。

34 years ago:
Jesiah is the only child born to Abram and Mariah Blanche in Solaris.

21 years ago:
Age 13. He enters Jugend.

16 years ago:
Age 18. He enters Raquel Benette (1) into his family register. Billy is born immediately after this.

9 years ago:
Age 25. He gives up command of Gebler and moves to the Archipelago area. He takes up residence on a remote island as sheriff. (2)

7 years ago:
Age 27. He meets Gaspar. During the Third invasion of Shevat, he participated in a guerrila attack on the surface that Gaspar commanded, and took Buntline back from the Gebler Base.

6 years ago:
Age 28. He leaves his family.

5 years ago:
Age 29. He meets the Shevat agent Joshua Black. After the man dies, Jesse undergoes surgery to take on his appearance. (3)

2 years ago:
Age 32. He returns to the house, now Billy's orphanage.

He seeks to contact Shevat and gather information.

1: This is only the first half of the name given; I'll have to think about it and dig around before I decide on a full romanization.
2: or whatever passes for law enforcement in Aquavy? ^^
3: it doesn't actually say this much; there's just "plastic surgery" at the end, and you get to guess.

The first entry, "While in Solaris" has been started, but I'll do that and Jesse's other entries tomorrow. I spent a lot of time on part of Prim's, and now I'm just tired of playing with Japanese.

I'm not sure I'll do the paragraph on why he left his family, since the game explains that to an extent, and the timeline tells us the rest. His summary paragraph expands on the timeline, and tells us that he left Solaris when he found out about the M Project... actually, I think I might bother with the first paragraph of the summary, never mind. (Geez, you know that if I do one, I'll do the other. -_-)

After all of that, I'm still not much closer to deciding what to do about that Billy fic.
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