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Finishing up those fic requests. Info on Jayle from the VP Material Collection.

Okay, with so many people on my F-List doing ficbit memes, I thought I should at least try to finish all of the drabble challenges you guys gave me... I think it was two years ago. Ahahahahahah, I'm so on top of things! The one exception will have to be karthur's request for Flik and Odessa, because I realized how little I remember about them. (And to think I was obsessed with Odessa. For shame.) I'm sorry. ;_; If you want to switch to something else, I owe you fic.

1. Suzume: Suikoden III, Sarah's childhood --> The Finer Points of Instruction (written 07.08.05)
2. Nyuna: VP's Japanese characters --> Honor in All Things (written 06.07.07)


3. Wally: VP, Jayle and Crell Monferaigne -->
4. Rey: Xenogears, Yui and Shitan -->
5. ??: Xenogears, Billy and a crisis of faith -->

You'll notice these aren't drabbles or ficbits, like they should be. I wonder why they never got done. HMMMM.

In preparation for upcoming fics: Valkyrie Profile World Guidence - Jayle, 'From the Developer's Room' notes:

This is not literal or exact; I tried to interpret it with the context of the game in mind. If I got anything blatantly wrong (not out of the realm of possibility), though, correction is welcome.

平民の娘ですね。  仇のマグナスは国を乗っ取ろうという野心を抱いていて、ジェイルの家族はその犠牲になって死んでしまいました。  今でこそジェイルは悲劇のヒロインという風になっていますが、開発当初はもっとダークな存在だったんです。  あの封印された魔術師リセリアに深く関わっている予定だったのですが、完全にシナリオが変わってしまいましたね。

Question: Before entering the knighthood, what were Jayle's lineage, social status, etc.?

Jayle is from commoner stock. Magnus victimized and killed her family in the name of his ambitions to take over Crell Monferaigne. At the moment she's more of a tragic heroine, but at the beginning of the design phase she was supposed to be a darker character. There were plans for close involvement with Lyseria, but the finished senario is much different. (1)

完全に独学ですね。  もともと、その道の才能があったのでしょう。 復讐という目的もありますし、なんせ、生真面目性格ですから。 一生懸命に武術を覚えたんでしょう。

Question: Who taught Jayle to use a sword?

She taught herself. Jayle has natural talent in this area. She was also motivated by revenge, and in any case is very serious about what she does. She put all of her effort into learning the art of war.


Question: Why does Magnus have more(2) authority than the Knight Captain?

Magnus was in a position of authority within Crell Monferaigne, so for a short time he enjoyed a higher authority than the knighthood.

(1) I'm not positive about this statement re: Lyseria's involvement. I'm assuming bukai and kakawaru are being connected in a mundane grammatical way. ^^

(2) The use of yori here is seriously fucking with me. However, I recall him commanding the knights, so I'll just assume the dictionary played me right, and review tomorrow.

I chose this part of her profile to work with because the paragraphs dedicated to her senario were all about her relationship with Fahn. Questions about her past were assigned to this tiny little corner. Even here, they're not very specific. We don't know what Magnus did to her family, just that he did something. Kind of annoying, isn't it? Oh well. I'll try not to overdo it.

ETA ---> checking up and correcting will be done tomorrow. I didn't realize how late it was. >_>

ETA pt.2, for no real reason: every time I hear Small Two of Pieces, I fall in love with Xenogears all over again. Then I come to my senses when it's over. What the eff.
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