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Today in Translation: p.1 (Roni Fatima)

So, I haven't checked this for correctness yet - I'm trying to remember what I learned before my "vacation" from Japanese classes, so this is kind of an experiment. Feel free to correct. The last sentence especially twisted my brain a little. ^^ Man, do I need practice.

Original Japanese Text:

ロニ ファテイマ
アヴェの国祖。 ソラリス戦役では大規模な行商隊の頭領をしていた。 "崩壊の日" ではギア。バラを駆り、グラーフ率いるデイアボロス軍団を撃退。 その後、ソラリスに対抗し(うる)勢力の確立を目指し、アヴェを建国する。


Roni Fatima
Founder of the Kingdom of Aveh. During the Solaris War he was the commander of a large squad of troops. During the "Day of Collapse" he piloted an omnigear and repelled the advance of Grahf's Diabolos forces. Afterward, intending to establish a force in opposition to Solaris, he founded the nation of Aveh.

1. Re: the last sentence, I interpreted it as a series of verb phrases with the stem "shi" for "suru" - which, as far as I remember, was one way to string a bunch of actions together in one sentence. That involves the use of commas in my textbooks, which this doesn't. Not that it means anything, considering. Anyway! There's another grammar item (haha) that involves a "-shi, -shi" thing, but I can't call it to mind.

2. The verb in parentheses, "uru" - which is how I looked it up, anyway - is supposed to mean "to obtain." I may have gotten it wrong. It just wouldn't render when I tried to type it in.

3. If you're J-enabled and reading this, but don't know Xenogears, "gear-bara" was translated as "omnigear" in the US version, so that's what I use. I think the designer's intent would have been too complicated to stuff into one English phrase in a hurry. ^^
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