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North and south in Xenogears and Valkyrie Profile.

There's something that's been distracting me for a while. Looking at both Xenogears and Valkyrie Profile, I keep running into the impression that the technological background of their respective civilizations is divided pretty obviously between north and south. I see this everywhere thanks to that Victorian Lit class I took - why this keeps haunting me, of all the things I could have taken away from that class, I don't know. It isn't exactly the deepest of observations.

Although this happened in history, so maybe there's something I'm forgetting. Southern territories tend to be better suited for agriculture, just because in context they /usually/ have more temperate climates. Maybe someone who knows more about the history of the Industrial Revolution than I do can enlighten me on these regional differences.


VP Silmeria (from now on abbreviated as VPS) reminded me that, by all appearances, Villnore is the only country that's made any significant industrial progress. The regions of Artolia and Gerabellum look more idyllic, for lack of a better description, and there's no evidence of machinery or steam power. There isn't any evidence of this in Crell Monferaigne either, but if they're at war with Villnore as I suspect (because frankly, Artolia doesn't seem like the kind of enemy they could raise such fervor about), it's possible - and interesting - that they object to Villnore's industrialization on a theological level, or at least say they do.

So we have here a division between north and south. Villnore was once a thriving city, as you see in VPS, so maybe in Alicia's time industrialization had just started. What we see in VP Lenneth (VPL for simplicity) is more like the picture of the Industrial Revolution I'm aware of, which is mostly polluted cityscapes and miserable-looking factory workers.

The same thing is visible in Xenogears. Kislev is more industrial than Aveh and Nisan - there's a /huge/ difference in their technological capabilities that's only balanced out once Solaris starts supporting Aveh. But in this case I can't blame it on climate, because Kislev has a lot more usable land than Aveh, which is almost entirely desert. And I guess that isn't the best environment for technology and innovation, but there's obviously doing okay at the start of the game. (Personally, I'd still like to know how they're cultivating food. Which means I may have to bite the bullet and open the Perfect Works again. Honestly, speculation is just so much more fun.)

So, the reason I'm wondering about the coincidental polarization (well okay, maybe I shouldn't go that far) between north and south in a historical context is so I can figure out if there's anything behind this. Is that just the way it happens?

It's pretty likely there's absolutely no significance to this as far as the games go, but it's fun to think about, and my brain demands that I notice this in just about everything.

The idea that Crell Monferaigne is waging a holy war against Villnore is very interesting, though. It makes a lot of sense, given that Villnore is depicted as completely obsessed with technology, which could be taken as a rebellion or rejection of the gods if you wanted to paint it that way. And it would be interesting, too, if their purpose in fighting Villnore was to get their hands on that technology. XD They're unearthing ancient machines as well as building their own, aren't they? I'd be interested in it too.

. . .

This canned entry brought to you by a fifteen minute break in my earlier class. :D

reynardfox, is this the tea you rave about, by chance? The name sounds familiar. They have, like, recipes and stuff. I found it while doing a search for recipes related to other kinds of tea.

mythicbeast, I had the burst of inspiration I needed to solidify what to do with Clockwork Snare, so this means I'll write it some time in the near future - but I won't promise too much, since you know how lazy I am. :P

shadrad, I have a ton of notes for that story we discussed that I've been writing during class breaks, so I'll poke you about those when I remember.

I also figure that, since I'll never write the real Krelian story I planned, I might as well just write the highlights in short, sweet snippet form. Eventually.
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