August 15th, 2018

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Reading list since February. Plus some other stuff.

Some people throw themselves into their work when bad things happen. Me, I read. Currently I'm employed, but that isn't always the case since I'm basically a freelancer. Anyway, books I've read since life went to shit in February:

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Currently reading Water Sleeps (Glen Cook), on my way to finishing the Black Company series, which I have enjoyed in spite of some less-than-flattering reflections of how women are treated by fantasy in the earlier books. Also of note is the slow upswing of actual swearing as the series goes on. Which, I mean. Given how much I swear, that's really funny to me. I wonder if the author had to ration his allotment of swear words very carefully until he hit the 21st century.

So like... If you happen to be curious about any of these books or series, feel free to ask about them. There are so many that it's not efficient to write a post about each of them.


I'm about 60% finished with a novella, probably only 50% through the visual novel script (and it's a first draft just like any other, which means I have to rewrite it as soon as I'm done), and 98% finished tweaking that short story for sending out. It's language now, I guess.

All of this has slowed down a lot since I got the most recent contract. It was full time, which meant very little time for reading, and only slightly more for writing. My guild community keeps me sane when I would otherwise wallow in misery, so I dedicate a consistent amount of time to hanging out with them as well. Attendance each day varies, though, so there are long stretches where I can sit around and fill that time with reading, hence the long list.

Once upon a time I read this much without family tragedies to drive me, but then school cured me of the need to read at all unless it was required. That fatigue lasted about ten years. Now I uh, I guess it's gone?

There are just so many interesting books to read. :(

Haven't watched any anime in a while, but I've got my eye on Seikaisuru Kado and the new Heroic Legend of Arslan series. The original never made it over here fully, I guess, and that has always left me unsatisfied.

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