September 27th, 2017

Saiun - technicolor Reishin

Maintaining mirrors and the recent LJ exodus.

It's that rare beast: an unlocked entry!

My concerns these days are pathetic and not at all fun to read about. The one exception, I'd say, is the cats. Who doesn't like cat stuff? I mean.

...Yeah, I mean. If you don't, just don't tell me.


So, about the subject line.

Listen--I hate ads and like convenience, so I'll spend money on journal platforms if that's what it takes. Even though I don't post often nowadays, I still like to have an unnecessarily extensive selection of user icons to choose from, and LJ specifically locks its mass-entry editing behind a paywall.

Livejournal has shitty customer service, though--not to mention questionable policies and zero transparency, or at least that's how I remember them. (I'd be lying if I claimed to have paid attention the last two years.) I don't want to give them money anymore. Dreamwidth costs enough, considering my post frequency. More than enough. I kinda sorta want to get rid of the LJ account, but I have a few concerns about that:

  1. There might be people following me that still use LJ as their primary writing/reading service;

  2. There are probably a lot of backlinks to my so-called meta posts, which I've been encouraged to keep public despite my desire to shut the whole thing down;

  3. I don't want to risk losing the name.

While at this point I think it's dumb and paranoid to think people out there still hate me enough (usually for RPGamer stuff, but there were other... incidents) to impersonate my account, it HAS happened before, and I'm not interested in leaving that door propped open even a little. The one benefit that maintaining the LJ account has is that it's an established area I've been known to occupy for over a decade.

So, the point? I'm considering locking down the content on the LJ mirror (though I may unlock specific entries, like the ones on this list), and posting primarily on DW without cross-posting. However, I'm not sure how LJ's dead account detection works, though, so I might continue cross-posting, but stop keeping track of comments. Considering how inactive I've been, that won't make a difference for most. Just to keep everything clear:


One of the things I'd like to do (eventually) is streamline what's locked and what's open so my journal looks more coherent from the outside. You know, just in case. But that's really hard to do--not to mention a whole ton of work I don't need--when you've got to repeat those changes across platforms.

Now, I'm buried under work/classwork at the moment, and probably won't make these changes any time soon, but I wanted to open comments to anyone who might have them. I've mentioned this in locked entries before, and have pared down my original intentions, which involved locking/deleting everything. If you have an opinion:

  • On DW, everyone with a valid account can comment.

  • On LJ, comments are restricted to my Friends List to avoid spam. Sorry. :/

If you don't have an opinion (which is what I expect), I'll do something about this lockdown when I need to avoid some real work or a final project. So, sounds like we're looking at December. :P Possibly earlier, but... yeah, no.

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