December 30th, 2007

XG - True Miang

Xeno PW: Kahran Ramsus

The translation of the last section was yanked from an old entry.

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Ahhh. I forgot what a pain in the ass the Perfect Works is. Stupid book. Er. I didn't realize I was using 'Elul' instead of 'Elru' until it was too late. Oh well. :D

In any case, this sort of answers our questions about Bekka - since Kahr had not yet taken a humanoid form, I guess he just... latched onto Bekka like a parasite. That's kind of the implication. There must be more to it though, because that doesn't explain why or how. I guess you can reason that he was able to fuse with or absorb the kid because he was still in a malleable stage of development (a writhing mass of cells and such?), but... ^^;

Somebody needs to write up a theory on this and turn it into a story - but it won't be me!