December 23rd, 2007

VP - Weeping Lily

VP Material Collection: Princess Jelanda

Skipped the character summary, since as you can see with Mysty's profile, it's basically what we got in the game.

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And then... developer notes. :D

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It sure sucks to live in Artolia. Makes you think people should've been smart enough to get out, and never mind the practical complications involved in migrating to different countries. :P Actually... since Artolia has been around for quite a while, it makes me wonder how they lasted so long, if they're occupying prime real estate. Did their borders shrink? Did they have a stronger army at one time? I guess that's kinda sorta implied in the character profiles in VPS. Maybe. I don't remember.

These questions will, hopefully, be answered later in the book. And much much later, in terms of my translation speed. XD