June 30th, 2007

Saiun - technicolor Reishin

Xeno PW (Zephyr, Sages); VP Material Collection (Mysty).

Gods, Zephyr's history is depressing. I finally got Word to be useful, but it's notorious for causing problems when one copies and pastes from the program to just about anything else. I'll fix whatever I spot, of course. If you have a problem displaying anything, let me know via comment. :D

Also, I must say... brand really does make a difference when it comes to grape soda. There's no getting around it!

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That finishes Shevat. Balthasar is somewhere else, and I don't feel like picking over his profile at the moment. That would almost obligate me to do Maria and Nikolai, and I want to stick to my list for now.

... HOWEVER, since Livejournal is down for some scheduled maintainence that I don't think was actually scheduled, I guess I'll have to do some more work. WTF, LJ. (I just know there's going to be an issue with the text I copied, and I'll have an extra long entry to painstakingly edit after this.)

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The entire VP section was troublesome because of its conversational style. I was going to wait on posting it, but sleeping on it probably won't yield any sudden answers. And if it does, I'll make the changes tomorrow. Believe it or not, I do sleep. :p