June 29th, 2007

Face first.

Xeno PW: Jesse, completed.

Okay, I have to ask. For those of you who use Japanese input in Windows, how retarded does it get for you? Because there are times I can type up whatever I need, and other times when it won't register common words, whether I type them correctly or not. It is such a pain in the ass to piece words together by individual kanji just because my program can't get it together during the full moon, or whatever the hell its problem is.

I can't get it to render 'tsuzuku' either, but that might be a genuine program flaw. Dunno. Am pissed off whenever I run into the issue, regardless. :D

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Now, back to our scheduled entries. >_>

It turns out I didn't have as much on Mystina as I thought, so she'll take a bit longer. What I have now is the "From the Developer's Room" box, , which is the same section I did for Jayle. The latter's relation to the knights wasn't what I needed, so I didn't do anything with her character sketch, but I'm much more interested in the insight Mysty's section will give for her character.

That can wait until tomorrow. :p I had a Suiko-themed entry that will also have to wait. Oh well.

Edit (06.30.07): corrections made with totorojo's insight~

Edit 2 (07.20.07): silly me. Shitan says during the game - or implies, anyway, as good as - that Billy was the cause of Jesse's 'shotgun wedding.' I guess that explains the timing of his marriage. :p