June 28th, 2007

Xenogears - I cheerfully dissect

Xeno PW: some Jesse here, some Zephyr there.

This has been half done for at least a week. I kept meaning to get back to it, but distractions keep popping up! Girl #3 will soon have an adorable dragon plushy, for instance. :D

Every entry, I think I'll have to remind myself of what I actually plan to read. >_>

- XG: Miang (Zeboim)
- XG: Krelian (everything re: Solaris war)
- XG: Billy's profile (and related people)
- XG: completion of Solarian social structure
- VP: Hai-Lan national data
- VP: Freya and Frei
- VP: Jayle
- LE: Delphine
- FFXII: timeline
- Suiko: Sarah
- XG: Queen Zephyr
- XG: Jesse

In progress:
- XG: Shitan
- VP: Mystina

If I have time:
- XG: Rico and Hammer
- FFT: timeline (in V-Jump strat guide)

I'm just doing what interests me right now - this could change. I hadn't decided on Hai-Lan for my VP spree until today. Limiting my fun with the gods to just Freya and Frei (which is actually mostly done, as is Mystina) will make this easier, too. And then some of this is me trying to confirm information I already have (Krelian, Sarah).

Now, for the entry I've been sitting on for the last few days. It isn't much, but I've been playing Zelda doing very important things.

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Completely unrelated, I'm so glad I'm not the only person who thinks the VP Silmeria guide sucked. It really, truly did. Someday I'll compare scans of the Japanese publication and the US excuse for a guide, because the difference is truly stunning. Aside from getting information wrong, they chose the worst possible way to render dungeon maps. It's so bad that I concluded they wanted to make the game more confusing - there's no other explanation. :P