June 23rd, 2007

Miang: The Emperess

Xeno PW: Primera, Stone, Jesse.

There's more - oh so much more! This book is well over three hundred pages, after all. I'll try not to spam you, between this and any pointless rambling I decide to do, but I mean... it's going to be hard.

Slicing this book out of its binding was the best thing I could have done. It's so much easier to work with now! I should've done this years ago.

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Stone better not be as much of a pain in the ass. :D

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Well, guys. I may suck at this, but it is helping me remember all of that kanji I thought I forgot! For that alone it's worth the effort. And look how I get sucked into doing work I wasn't planning to tackle:

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The first entry, "While in Solaris" has been started, but I'll do that and Jesse's other entries tomorrow. I spent a lot of time on part of Prim's, and now I'm just tired of playing with Japanese.

I'm not sure I'll do the paragraph on why he left his family, since the game explains that to an extent, and the timeline tells us the rest. His summary paragraph expands on the timeline, and tells us that he left Solaris when he found out about the M Project... actually, I think I might bother with the first paragraph of the summary, never mind. (Geez, you know that if I do one, I'll do the other. -_-)

After all of that, I'm still not much closer to deciding what to do about that Billy fic.