March 11th, 2007

Miang: The Emperess

Xenogears: Solarian Social Structure.

Okay. I'm in a Xeno mood, so I guess that's what this entry will be about! And first on the menu is a really freaking old translation (maybe two years old?) of the Solaris pages in PW's "Social Structure" chapter. Not word-for-word, as I was still nitpicking grammar at that point. Don't even bother to ask me to go back and do it again, because I don't care enough. :P Corrections, however, are welcome.

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What a pain. I know I typed this before somewhere, but I couldn't find it. ;_;

That bit about Aveh, Solaris, and other random bits will have to wait until next time, I guess. I'm going to waste my time sorting Xenogears and Xenosaga posts into new tags, because 'xeno' is getting cluttered.

Oh, and - Roni Fatima. Nothing surprising here.