January 4th, 2007

I hate humanity.

Today in Translation: p.1 (Roni Fatima)

So, I haven't checked this for correctness yet - I'm trying to remember what I learned before my "vacation" from Japanese classes, so this is kind of an experiment. Feel free to correct. The last sentence especially twisted my brain a little. ^^ Man, do I need practice.

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Roni Fatima
Founder of the Kingdom of Aveh. During the Solaris War he was the commander of a large squad of troops. During the "Day of Collapse" he piloted an omnigear and repelled the advance of Grahf's Diabolos forces. Afterward, intending to establish a force in opposition to Solaris, he founded the nation of Aveh.

1. Re: the last sentence, I interpreted it as a series of verb phrases with the stem "shi" for "suru" - which, as far as I remember, was one way to string a bunch of actions together in one sentence. That involves the use of commas in my textbooks, which this doesn't. Not that it means anything, considering. Anyway! There's another grammar item (haha) that involves a "-shi, -shi" thing, but I can't call it to mind.

2. The verb in parentheses, "uru" - which is how I looked it up, anyway - is supposed to mean "to obtain." I may have gotten it wrong. It just wouldn't render when I tried to type it in.

3. If you're J-enabled and reading this, but don't know Xenogears, "gear-bara" was translated as "omnigear" in the US version, so that's what I use. I think the designer's intent would have been too complicated to stuff into one English phrase in a hurry. ^^
Saiun - technicolor Reishin

Odin according to Valkyrie Profile.

Same drill as last time, from page 99 of the World Guidence, which is part of the Valkyrie Profile Material Collection.

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Valkyrie Profile Canon: "Leader of the Aesir"
Reigns over the Aesir as chief god. Although he was originally a being of minor power, he was different from the gods in that, as a half-elf, he possessed (1) the ability to grow. As a result, he finally attained the power to surpass the others. (2) He prepared for Ragnarok, gathered einherjar, and was defeated by Loki, who had absorbed the power of the Dragon Orb. (3)

Reality: "Supreme God of Norse Mythology"
Such things as the creation of the runic alphabet and poetic composition characterize Odin the All-father (4), yet he is also known in Norse mythology as a violent god who prefers battle and blood to cultural pursuits. He went to Mimir's Spring to taste the water of wisdom and sacrificed one of his eyes to its guardian; as a result there are a lot of images etc. of him as 'one-eyed.' (5)


1. The verb is "togeru," attain or accomplish.

2. The verb here was "tsukeru," to establish. While this (and the word in #1) makes sense as far as the meaning goes, it doesn't render very well into English that way in my opinion. I'm sure there's a way to stick closer to the original vocab, but that would require more editing.

3. This seemed to be a series of actions, so I wrote it more or less literally. It doesn't say "in order to prepare for Ragnarok," and at the time I wasn't sure if I should put it that way or not.

4. I took some liberty with this sentence. I'm reading it as the noun phrase "Chief god of Norse myth" modified by the sentence before, which speaks of a violent nature and preference of battle; this makes sense to me, so I hope I'm not in error.

5. I really didn't know what to do with the last part of that sentence. Perhaps I misread, but it seems misplaced.

In any case. Neither Roni nor Odin are presenting me with new information in these entries. I chose characters I knew something about so I could attempt to do this without a grammar guide, to dredge up as many memories as I could. Japanese practice is alotted up to an hour a day, but no more, in an attempt to keep myself motivated. So tomorrow, or after a third paragraph, I'll go back and check everything, and spent the hour on corrections. Help is always appreciated.

You know, I never remember what "として," "ほど," or "など" mean on my own. Whyyyyy? I get the feeling a dictionary is the last place I want to look those up. -_-;