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Amber Michelle

ToB gives me ALL THE FEELS

I want to just eat these characters up, and not even because there's a character that had the nerve to remind me of Yggdrasil (although I won't say no to eating him up)...

The stupid pun is unintentional.

I don't know what to do about this. The feels, I mean. I've got ~3k words written of a story that may or may not even be decent (or creative), and the will to write more... or should I say, not enough willpower to STOP myself from writing more. For the first time in many, many years, the only way I can exorcise these ~feelings~ is by writing fic.

So in that sense, it doesn't matter if the thing is good. Once I get it out, maybe it'll leave me alone.


Anyway: the story is based on the images during the credits, which show what I assume would have been Velvet's life if tragedy hadn't struck. I've seen the interpretation of this as a dream she and Innominat are experiencing together once they're sealed, and the fic about it that I read was actually quite nice and sweet! I personally have a very hard time imagining that the dreams would stay that way, though. :D Rather, I think it's idealistic to assume that Velvet will generate malevolence naturally, forever, without having to experience more suffering, and if she can have good dreams, she can have bad ones too!

And that's my story. Bad dreams. It sounds so banal when described that way, but I have no idea how I'm going to summarize this without ruining it.

On another topic entirely: am I wrong, or is Armatized Artorius not basically everything an Yggdrasil fangirl could possibly want to see, ever, in her lifetime? Yeah, I didn't think I was wrong.

I still don't like Artorius. He fits into the usual mold of what I like, but he's too distant about it, whereas Innominat is curiously not distant at all. You'd think the Empyrean that wants to suppress all emotion would be a total bore, and instead he's a sadistic little brat.

I like that.

The costume, though. >.> Not even saying I don't like it--just that I feel I shouldn't like it in certain ways, because look at him.

Another theory I've seen (back to the topic of fic, I guess?) speculates that Eleanor might be reincarnated as Laila after she dies, which is an idea I actually really like. That would build some continuity between Berseria and Zestiria, in addition to just being a neat link between Maotelus and Laila.

Although we never see this, I assume the elemental Empyreans took the shapes of those exorcists as vessels, much as Innominat did with Laphicet. That's also a pretty likable idea. It would be pretty cliche to give Theresa the empyrean of ice, though, so how about fire? She's got fire. TBH I'm not sure how she still qualified as a "soul without malevolence" after the stunt she pulled when she became a therion, but okay, whatever.

Also, wasn't she the therion of lust...? That makes earlier speculations less... speculative.

Yeah, I wish I had a more coherent reaction to the ending, but even if I write fic, I doubt I'll get back into ~meta~, so screw logical analysis.

Oh, but Magilou's story? That's also worth some fic. Goddammit.

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